Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

How nice that the weather is not stormy here, that there is not two feet of snow hampering people as they go about their last minute shopping, rushing here and there, seeking and hopefully finding what they want.

How grateful I am that I do not have to be in the stores today as do the store clerks who have to deal with grumpy people, folks who have no idea what to buy their loved ones and whose sore feet and legs must be aching at the close of the shopping day. 

I have never understand last minute shoppers, Christmas is celebrated each 25th of December for all the years that I have lived on this planet!  I do my shopping all year around and stash them away so searching eyes do not find the hidden treasures.

I may go to the mall this afternoon and just sit and watch frantic people searching for last minute gifts.  It is a study in human nature just doing that.

On a more serious note, this season brings out the credit cards, the debit cards and cash and many people put themselves in bad financial situations just to give huge presents.

In my view, this is not the true spirit of Christmas but rather is falling for the trap set by commerical firms to get people to overspend.

It is far from the real meaning of Christmas.

Instead of expensive gifts, why not donate to a food bank, give to a mission who provides meals for the homeless all year around and put your hard earned money to good use which will bless others and yourself.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Have a blessed Christmas!

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