Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday night's events

It was Lit Live last night at the Sky Dragon.  I had only intended to go until 9 p.m. but since James was reading in the later half of the evening I stayed till the end.

There will not be a Lit Live in January in case anybody reading this planned to go. 

Norma and James drove through a terrible snow storm near London.  Another writer also had to make that journey.  Apparently there were some accidents on the way. 

This was the last reading in Hamilton for James as he will be moving as soon as his house sells.  I feel quite sad about this as I have gotten to know him fairly well over the years he has been here.

I love to say "hello" but hate to say "goodbye"

David and Renessa drove me home which I appreciated.

Today I plan to stay home and do some jewellery work and perhaps continue writing my story for the contest.

It is nice to have some quiet time.

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