Saturday, December 4, 2010

Events from Friday and Saturday

Don't forget to mail your letters to Santa Claus!
Yesterday afternoon, Jean came to visit me and we had coffee and goodies together.  I have set up the house with the seasonal decorations and have put my Christmas cloth on as well.  We had our coffee by candlelight and listened to classical music and chatted.  I thoroughly enjoyed her company.

Her third book is coming out shortly and she will be doing a cross Canada tour.  I find her amazing.

She brought her gorgeous jade necklace with her so I could work on it and restring it.  She treasures this necklace as she bought it in China at a museum.

I will really enjoy doing that as I love jade myself.  I won't need to rush with it and will have it ready for Lit Chat and deliver it to her there. I walked her to her car as she was not familiar with this area.  She had a terrible time finding reasonably priced parking.  The lots, one beside me and the other in front of my building, charges $6.00 an hour. In the end, she found the City Hall parking which was better priced at $2.00 an hour.

Rahel, my dear neighbour came up for tea later on and we also had a nice visit. I had planned to go to the Arts Hamilton Members Show but was too tired as I had not slept the night before.

One must be very creative to rescue food sometimes. Here is what happened. I baked a cake similar to a pound cake but for some reason it burned on the bottom. This was Jean's first visit to my home. She has been to one of my jewellery parties but never to my home.

Needless to say, when  the cake burned on the bottom, I was not overly thrilled. What to do? I cut off all the burned parts, chopped up the cake in little bite size pieces, ran over to the drugstore and bought whipping cream and a tin of fruit cocktail, and voila, a rescued desert!

I made my speciality, homemade bread rolls filled with cheese and also some with corned beef and relish and both Jean and Rahel loved them.  I was able to send Jean home with a couple for her lunch which was nice.
Now onto other things.  Today, Saturday, was washing day as the Hydro people want everybody to conserve energy and do the washing etc. on off peak times.  I wonder how that will work in apartment buildings where there are only a few machines for many people. There is no way that people will be able to follow that request.

I needed to go over to the Farmer's Market to get a few little things and had some nice conversation with Riad and also Julia, two of my favourite vendors there.  There will be a big rally in front of City Hall on the 9th of December at 10 a.m.  to protest the market changes and I hope to be able to attend.  Riad and Julia are only two of the people that are losing their spots.

After the market, I went over to Gore Park for the Christmas events going on, which included music, Santa Claus, people in period costumes, children's area for facepainting, and various other things.

I took some shots which I will post here.

Each year, Gore Park is transformed into a Christmas wonderland.  The little train in back as well.  I love that little train and the little ones are so thrilled to be on it.  It just makes my day to see their enjoyment.

Santa had a little Elf helping in his workshop
Cinderella even came to Gore Park.

The Tree of Hope

The reason for the Season - the Nativity Scene

Old Fashioned Fire truck - Santa drove in on this with the siren going!

A choir who sang

My favourite little train.

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