Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Monday and other wonderful news 2010

Wally picked me up and brought me to Oakville where Carmen and her Mother, Carmen were waiting for us.

It was a lovely time we spent together and I took lots of pictures.  Carmen (Mother) is visiting from Mexico for one month, and Carmen (daughter) is on holidays so she can spend time with her Mother.

 Their Christmas tree sitting in the sitting room.
The two Carmens

It was such a pleasant afternoon we spent together, and Carmen's meal was delicious! Her table was so colourful with its red tablecloth and colourful plates.  Just looking at it, lifts the spirits high!
The Host with the Mostest - Waldemar

The two little lovebirds with Mama looking on!

Herbal tea anyone?  Adoreable elephant teapot and sugar container.
I have such  love for this little family and enjoy spending time with them. The hours just flew by and the conversation never flagged which was amazing. 

One of the several entertainers.  The squirrels come on their balcony where they usually find peanuts waiting for them.  It was such great fun watching them jump from the fir trees to the railing and back again.  My cats would have loved to have been there and joined in the fun!
Lucky for the squirrels, they were safely tucked up in my apartment in Hamilton!

My new pussy cat sockettes for Christmas - nice and cozy and warm

It would not be right not to have a picture of my cat Boots which I snapped the night before burrowing into my bed.

The king of the castle - Boots at home

All in all, a fantastic and fun afternoon and early evening.  Wally brought me back from Oakville. 

On another note, this morning I got the news that my short story, "The Gift" won first prize in the Christmas contest held by Perspectives Magazine.  Perspectives Magazine is both on line as well as a hard copy. 

It's editor is Monique Berry who published two magazine.

Thanks for reading my blog and come back again when you can.

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