Saturday, December 18, 2010

A great visit with my pal Asma

What a wonderful day it has been today!  My very close friend Asma visited me from Toronto for the day.

We have been very good friends since 1994 or 1995 and her family is my family so to speak.

It only took her 45 minutes to get here which was very good timing with hardly any traffic.

School is finished now for the Christmas holidays so she is free for a week or so.  No more teaching for a while which will give her a nice rest and time to spend with her grown up children and her grandchildren.

Asma at the table for a vegetarian meal

My dear friend Asma enjoying rice pudding
After lunch, which was chick pea loaf, noodles with breadcrumbs and peas and homemade bread, we were so stuffed that we went over to the mall to do a little shopping.

Asma and I had a good time there and then came home for our rice pudding and whipped cream desert and regular tea.   

I will be going to stay with her a few days in the summer months and she will come to Hamilton to pick me up.  Last time that happened we interviewed a wonderful professor who came to interview Asma, but I ended up doing an interview about her and her work and writing it up for the paper.  A poem even came out of this meeting.  It is called a Lick and a Promise and was published.  It happened because both of us were spiffing up Asma's home before the professor came and out of that, came the poem.

That dear professor drove me back to Hamilton which was such a kind thing to do.  She was visiting her daughter.

Here is the poem which came out of that occasion.  Hope you enjoy it.

A Lick and a Promise

Finger prints on bathroom mirror

Water marks on tiled floor

The hiss of Windex on paper towel

A wipe, a swipe – and all is right.

The old wet mop dragged from hiding

To perform its mighty job

The smell of pine now scents the air

A rub, a scrub – the task is done

Feather duster at the ready

Dust bunnies skulk and hide

Taunting me to catch them

A whoosh, a swoosh – chores are done.

© 2007WilmaSeville

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