Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Whitehern Concert was today

I had not planned to go as my usual group said it was too hot and they weren't going, but my friend Jeff emailed me and said he was going, so I went as I had set this time aside.

Actually the weather wasn't too bad, there was a nice breeze and Jeff gave me his seat so I would be in the shade.  He is better in the heat than I am.  Very kind of him.

I must remember to call one of the gals and tell them what they missed.  One woman with three gentlemen - pretty good odds eh?  All joking aside, it was a very enjoyable concert with Ruth Sutherland and Doug Feaver.

The concert ended before the rain came so hopefully everybody got home in time.

All in all, a good start to the summer season at Whitehern.

Thanks for dropping by.

N.B.  Jeff was on his way when the rain started so he sheltered at a place until the worst of it was over. He was not totally soaked that way.

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