Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Friday night to remember

What a grand time I had at the Spanish Fiesta last night.  Michael and his staff did a bang up job with an assortment of tapas to snack on once entering the lounge.  People could have sangria but since there is alcohol in it, I had my usual sprite.

I was invited to sit with a large family group and we all got along very well.  I was touched to be invited to sit with them as I had only met the husband/father of this group once before.  I now met his wife and children and the grand baby of the family, an adorable two year old boy.  I loved the way he was dressed, in a little shirt and tie and jacket. He was so well behaved

The theme, of course, was Spanish so I tried to dress accordingly.  I had my pretty pin from there and also a Spanish fan,  I had a peasant style blouse and, of course ,my long black skirt. I used a red shawl which I brought back from Palestine but it fit very well into the Spanish theme.

It was fun trying to pick out clothing which would add to the theme and I think I succeeded.

For dinner, we ate family style, and I again sat with this large family.  I sat beside a lady who was very kind to me, holding the heavy plates and serving me from it for the different courses.  Due to my wrist injury, I find it difficult to carry or hold anything heavy.  She did not know this, of course, but it was her kindness coming out to assist an older person.  I appreciated that very much.  She was good at conversation and due to her efforts, we spoke very often.  I take time to get to know people but this lady has a gift of  drawing people out.

After the many courses for supper, we went back to the lounge area for desert.  There was a flamenco dancer and a Spanish guitarist.  It was most enjoyable.  I had seen the guitarist before but don't remember where.  I think he recognized me as well as he smiled at me.  He may have played at ArtWord/ArtBar, and this is where I may have seen him.

The party broke up about 9:45 but still some people were going strong.  I had a most delightful time chatting with two retired teachers in the lounge. I gave the lady my business card so I hope that she calls me some time.  They live in Binbrooke, Ontario.

I am so happy I went and I had a fantastic and happy evening.

My friend Daniel called when I was out and said he would call again.  He's a chatty person as well so it is easy to talk with him.

All in all a great day!

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