Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday's get together

Our little Whitehern group met at the B.T. Restaurant (Ben Thahn Vietnamese Thai Cuisine) at 113 James St. W. at noontime. It is a little confusing how to get into the restaurant, as the entrance is actually on Vinc Street, rather than on James Street.

This was the first time I had been to that particular restaurant but I had been to a Vietnamese Restaurant on the mountain for a Mother's Day treat.  In Toronto, usually once a week, on my way home from work, I would have supper at a Vietnamese restaurant on St.Clair many years ago.

I find the food quite delicious with good portions and reasonably priced.

One of our group is in the hospital and my friend Jeff and I just got out of the hospital, so it would appear that we are a sickly bunch!  It is not true, just temporary ailments which needed to be fixed up.

We go places together, have lots of fun together and enjoy each others' company. The Whitehern concerts are starting up again June 26th and will end at the end of August.  We have a blast at them and bring snacks to munch on as well as buy lemonade or tea from the staff.  Each year, I write, on behalf of our little group, a thank you note to the city for putting this on.

The portions at the restaurant were enough that I could bring part of it home for supper.  This makes it very economical.  I always do that for lunches at the club.....

I had the fried banana desert as well.  It was good but I preferred the one on the mountain and how they made it.

Jeff had to go and meet somebody so we gals went over to Giant Tiger and poked around there for a little while then took the No. 3 bus to get uptown again.

All in all, a lovely time spent with friends.

Retirement is great!!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

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