Monday, June 3, 2013

Busy Monday

I had to go up to the former Henderson Hospital for two different tests and they went well.  They sure have modernized Henderson.  After that I decided to go and see Rosemary G.  at Shalom Village near Princess Point.

I was very impressed with the friendliness there as well as how clean it was.  Rosemary showed me around and I saw where people who live in the apartments eat and it was elegant and very nice.  I know one lady in there Hermie and she likes it.

It is kosher cooking I am pretty sure.  The people were friendly, saying hello and the convalescent part is  only about 19 beds.

I noticed that the apartments have balconies and perhaps when I get older and don't want to cook any more, I might move there.

I think that I could walk to Princess Point from there but using my walker and it really isn't that far to King Street either.  It is not as isolated as I thought it was.

I was glad to see that Rosemary was sitting with her friend Maggie when I arrived and not in her bedroom so I thought that was a very good sign that she is improving well.

I visited with Rosemary for about an hour and a half and then took the No. 6 back home right to my door.

A lovely day with lots of interesting people to talk to.

Thanks for dropping by.

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