Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday, a day of rest?

I often wonder why things have changed so much in my lifetime.  As a young child, it was unacceptable to do any frivolous things on the Sabbath.  One's day was spent by going to Sunday School and Church, having lunch, then reading a book quietly for the rest of the afternoon.

In those days, people did not stay up all hours of the night watching television as there was no such thing as television.  Listening to the radio and the radio plays were so wonderful . can recall as a young teenager, listening to Dragnet on the radio in the kitchen.  I often think that I am a writer because I had to use my imagination to visualize the characters in the plays and the settings.

What a blessing for me that I was born before television and when radio was king.  I can remember my Grandmother, may her soul rest in peace, listening to the big radio in the sitting room to hear the stock prices and how they were faring.

As children in the 1940's and 50's, we were extremely fortunate to live in this time.  I can remember the rationing and the Victory Gardens as we had one too.  I can remember playing on the filtration plant hill and with all my friends, both English and French. I was so fortunate to have my cousins living down the lane as well, so we all grew up together. I would use my bike to ride out to Dorval to see my girl cousins there as well and my Grandparents.

It was such a blessing for me to have my Grandmother on my Mother's side, live with us.  I adored her for her gentle and kind ways. An Irish lass from Northern Ireland, she was my role model.  When we would go for a walk or over to the florist shop, she would be greeted with such respect and honour and people were glad to see her. She always dressed properly to go on the street, hat and gloves, and of course, a nice dress.  Women, in those days, did not wear slacks at all.  Mind you, as a teenager at our country cottage, I was allowed to wear slacks and even jeans or shorts.

Both my Grandmother and Mother stayed at home for my brothers and I, my Mother taking a part time job in an art shop just to get out of the house when we were in our middle teens.

I can remember hearing the train whistle and running down the lane to meet my Father at the station almost every day.  What a wonderful memory that is. He and my uncle Andy would often times be on the same train from Montreal so it was a double blessing.  They travelled together on the train from Montreal  to Ste. Anne de Belleville during the summer months when their respective families lived side by side in their cottages.  My Dad and his Father built the cottage themselves.  His Father was a master carpenter from what I remember.  In the early days, there was no indoor plumbing and we had an outhouse plus to get water, we had to go to the well and pump it out.  The water was fabulous and cold and I loved to pump it out.

Swimming in the St. Lawrence River, my own little row boat which I used to row out to the big ships which passed by to ride in their wake, the sun beating down and reflecting back up from the deep water, all live within my mind.  We had a large motor boat plus two row boats and later on they got a yacht but that was after we all were grown up and living in different parts of the country.

I was so blessed to have all these advantages and people who cared for me and gave me love and affection.  Above all, I was blessed to have had the knowledge of God from my earliest recollection and to live in a Godly environment.

I think myself that all the hardships I had to face later on, raising a family by myself, working to support them and myself, was made easier because of such a good, steady childhood.  I do know that my values are written into my heart and soul and for that, I am grateful to my family.

God, indeed, knew exactly where to place me when they adopted me from Ontario.

On that note, shall end this little trip down memory lane.  I hope it has been a blessing for you to read and that it will bring back happy memories for you.

Thanks for dropping by and please come again when you have the time.

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