Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday continues

I went to the Music Service at St. John's today and it was absolutely fabulous.  It was like a singalong with words on papers and Bible Readings as well as  a poem in German.  The singing was sometimes in German, sometimes in English.

After that, there were refreshments in the hall and I sat with some people and had a lovely chat with them.

Later on, I went to sit with my friend Rosie and we decided to spend the afternoon together, first at her place and then when the weather improved, down to  Pier 8 and Williams Coffee Shop.

I haven't been up to her place since the early fall as she has been in and out of hospitals since that time.  Of course, I visited her in the hospital.

It was nice to be up there again.  I have always liked it there.  It is a Christian community with apartments.  Mostly Dutch and German people there.

We walked a little bit after our lunch but the wind was really blowing so it was a little cool.

She dropped me off at home.

All in all, a wonderful day!

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