Sunday, June 16, 2013

Carmen's Birthday picnic

Nina and George picked me up about 11 a.m.   I had brought my three picnic chairs with me in case there weren't enough and somehow we managed to fit them all in.

It was so good to see them again.  We arrived at Coronation Park in Oakville by 11:30 and started to set up.  The weather was perfect and the spot was gorgeous.

Oakville is a very high end city and this park reflected that, with lots of picnic tables, and wonderful play area for the children and very clean.  I wish that innner city parks in other cities could be so nice as this.

George - the Father of Anita and Wally

Carmen, showing off her gift of amber from me

A side view of Waldemar - husband of Carmen

Setting up the picnic table.  Nina and George and I arrived first and a wonderful young man helped Nina to move two picnic tables into the shade.  He was such a good person.  Neither George nor I can do any heavy lifting.  There are so many good folk out there, quietly living out their lives while making things better for others.  They are the salt of the earth.  This young man was one of them.

Carmen was not well as she had laryngitis and was unable to talk much.

It brought back memories of the time my daughter and son-in-law got married.  We held the wedding at home as it was more suited for them but I think the stress of it all, caused my voice to go.  Everybody teased Bill to say that his new mother-in-law could not nag him as she has lost her voice.  It was quite hilarious and a few days after the wedding was over, my voice came back and I have never had that problem again and that is almost 26 years ago now!

As for nagging, I treat Bill just as I treat my other children - and I sure try my best not to nag!

Now back to the wonderful picnic.  People drifted in well after 1:30 and so we began to picnic.  The weather held up so wonderfully well and it was not too hot.  I was in my element in the shade and people watched plus interacted with the other guests.

I was particularly impressed by a group across the path from us.  When it was prayer time, they all stopped what they were doing and one of the men acted as the Imam led the prayers right there in the park.  My hat is off to them!  They were quiet and respectful to others but nevertheless, they put God first and worshipped Him.

They had lots of fun too, eating and chatting, children running around playing tag and other games.  They stayed even longer than we did.

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Anita and little Phoebe with the pinata.

Striking the pinata to get the candy out

It was great fun to see the children at play.  I love being around little children as I find them so very refreshing.  They bring me joy as I watch them and interact with them.

Nadine and I went for a nice long walk along the waterfront and found out that we have so much in common.  We both see so many injustices in this world with prejudice and inequality due to racial intolerance.  We spent about an hour together sitting and chatting on a bench further down in the lovely park.  It was so wonderful to spend this quality time with her.

Anita and then Wally went to look for us and brought us back to the picnic area.  We had not realized that we had stayed that long.

Birthday cake was served and everybody partook of it.  It was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and quite delicious.

Here are some more shots from my camera.

Nadine took this picture of me during our walk

The splash pad for children

I loved this tree and Nadine took my picture with it.

Friends and some family

Family group

Now for a few more shots which I took while on our walk.

It was wonderful to see the two parents and the goslings.  There was also a sign that coyotes have been seen in the park as well.  Fortunately, we did not see any.

The little princess in the box

Howa's little ones decorating a birthday box for Carmen
All in all, a fantastic day in which to celebrate a big birthday.  I had such a good time there, especially with the children and going with Nadine for the walk by the water.

Thanks for dropping by.

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