Monday, July 1, 2013

Tall Ships at Pier 8 in Hamilton, Ontario

My friend Mohamed and I met down at Pier 8 as he takes the shuttle bus at a different location than I do.  We had arranged it so that whoever got there first, would wait at a certain spot at Pier 8.

I was late arriving as the shuttle bus took a long time in getting to my corner and it was packed like sardines in a tin.  Three wheelchairs, two or three walkers and a baby carriage plus people who were more mobile - all crowded into a longer type of city bus.  Fortunately the mood of the people was festive so that helped and what also helped was that it was a very short ride down to the waterfront!

The driver was very helpful and put the ramp down so that people in wheelchairs and walkers could leave that way.  I was one of the people who took their walker as I knew there would be no seats available once people were down there.  I also brought my cane so that Mohammed could use it.  He forgot his and he used it all during the time we were down there.  He had gone there yesterday and had fallen on a wire which was on the ground so I was glad to see him using the cane to steady himself.

Here are some shots of the tall ships and what we saw down there.

The Tall Ships

We did not bother going on a tour of the ships but just wandered around there to see what was going on.  There were so many people at Pier 8, I have never seen it this crowded in all the times I have been down there.

We went into a large tent to see quilts as well.  Here are some pictures.  There were several ladies working on quilt pieces at a table.  It certainly is fine work and needs a steady hand and good eyes to do this type of fine art.

Pier 8 was like a magical kingdom with tents scattered here and there, people selling crafts and many other things. There also was a variety of food trucks down there with all kinds of choices.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the small boats in the pool and see them moving.  Here are some shots below.


Of all the things I saw down there, I enjoyed the quilt tent and this water show the most.  Mohammed and I dropped into Williams Coffee Pub and shared an amazing waffle with ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream.  It was yummy to say the least!  This site will not allow me to put more pictures on so may have to start another blog entry to finish this off.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day.

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