Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cousin Frank's wonderful wooden jewellery

Ah, the heat is just too much for me and for many other people.  I am so very fortunate to have central air here plus I use my fans as well.  The heat keeps me a prisoner far more than the winter cold does!

I sure hope that the concert today is in the Stable and not out in the garden otherwise I doubt if I can stay for long.

I have stocked up on books from the library and am prepared with food and water for a siege of several days.  I usually do that for the winter months but the summers here are getting hotter and hotter all the time and I am finding, as I grow older, that the heat bothers me a great deal.

I was talking to my cousin Frank in Florida the other day and he said it was only in the 70's there.

Cousin Frank has only a short time left to live as the doctors can not do anything more for him about the cancer.  I am so happy that he has a wonderful lady beside him and that they are like two peas in a pod.  Carmen now has my e-mail and skype addresses in case of emergency. She is a lovely lady who is originally from Puerto Rico, but she lived many years in New York City.

My cousins and I were very close in Lachine until my aunt and uncle moved to Florida.  It was because of my uncle's health and he left a good paying job with a secure future ahead of him for an uncertain future in a warmer climate.  We all reunited once my father retired and they spent many happy hours with my aunt and uncle when they went to their mobile home in Florida each year.

I had also brought my children to Disney World when Anna was a teenager and we stayed with Cousin Peggy at that time and in the early 90's I went several times to Florida to see my aunt and uncle and of course, saw my cousins at the same time.

Cousin Frank is a whiz with woodworking and he sent me some of his jewellery that he makes.  I just love it as it is not something that you can buy and he made it specially for me.

I will take a few shots of the wooden jewellery to show you his talent.

On the heart jewellery he had put a chain but I have allergies to nickel so I removed the chain and will crochet a cord on it today and wear the set to the concert so that the gals can see what he has made.

They are lightweight and beautiful and unique.

Here are some pictures.

Cousin Frank's wonderful set

This is especially touching for me

The turtle is also hand made but in Cuba and was brought to me by my friend Mary when she returned from a trip there.  I just thought what a good match they are.  It is a compass and a tongue-in-cheek gift, as Mary knows my lack of sense of direction!

On another note, while I was at the mall, I dropped into the eye glass place and ordered new lenses as mine are badly scratched. It has been about 11 years since I bought them.  I had had a good deal at that time and purchased two pairs of  prescription glasses for the price of one, so I asked them to use the unused frame of the sunglasses and they had my eye specialist fax them my prescription and now I will have new glasses.

As I have sight in only one eye now, it will be good to have clear, unscratched lens so that I can see unhindered.

In about 8 days, I will have the new glasses which I am looking forward to.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing Cousin Frank's wonderful handwork.

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