Friday, July 5, 2013

Meeting Naiwang for the first time

A mix up occurred at the Toronto end, and thus Nasima and Naiwang were not able to travel to Hamilton together.

I was sad to see that Nasima could not come but hope to see her after Ramadan has finished.

Nai got here closer to 4 p.m. as she had gotten lost.  Happily we did get together and we went to the Club for a late lunch.

She had brought back a lovely purple bamboo scarf from China for me and a handmade sachet which smells lovely.  She also brought me a copy of the finished book which I had edited.

Curious Boots and the handmade sachet

The book I edited

I had just washed the purple scarf and it is now hanging to dry so cannot put it on the blog for now.

It was lovely to meet Naiwang and we got a long great - as if we had known each other for years.

Thanks for dropping by.


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