Thursday, July 25, 2013

Visit from Pam, Brian and Janet

Their plane from Toronto was delayed until 10:30 p.m so instead of coming here for 1 p.m. they called from London, Ontario and came about 2:45. It worked out well as it meant we could spend more time together.

I had been trying to call the Mahal restaurant for the last few days but never got through.  Pam enjoys Indian food and this is a real treat for her as they cannot get it back home in Cape Breton.

It turns out it is closed due to the construction on the street.

After a short visit at home, I called the club and said that we were coming over for tea.  I took them on a tour of the club first and then we all enjoyed tea and light refreshments in the Den.

Pam, my sister-in-law pouring her tea
The nice thing about the tea menu is that there is so many different types of tea to choose from.  I stay away from caffeine in the afternoons and there is a good selection of loose herbals teas as well as other kinds of tea.  They also have a good selection of coffee if one wanted coffee.  The desert menu was exception and every one of us chose something different and all were pleased by their selection.

Janet and her Dad, my brother Brian

Pam and Brian outside of Pam's Coffee Shop in Jackson's Square

We thought it would be a nice shot as the coffee shop has the same name as Pam
We went to the mall to see the new Chinese grocery store and we gals went into it while Brian went to Cole's and browsed there.  Pam saw many of the familiar things from China that they were used to and was able to tell us what some of them were.  They have spent so much time in China teaching the university students that they are familiar with Chinese things now.

There is one huge frozen fruit there which if you open it up, the smell will be terrible.  In fact, it is banned in some hotels as it is such a disgusting smell.  It was the size of a football.  Apparently the taste of it is wonderful but I think I will pass on it.

Both Janet and Pam thought that the prices at the new store were very reasonable. We didn't buy anything - it was just to show them.  I will go, at some point, to get some more groceries. I just love having the supermarket so close to me!

Brian bought a book so he was happy as well.  

Pam and Janet

They left shortly after six to go to Toronto and the airport there.  Happily, they had a direct flight to Sydney, N.S. and my grand nephew Joey will pick them up about 1 a.m. this moring.

They surely will need to rest!

What a wonderful time we all had.  I did try and convince them to take a bus down to Princess Point but they don't do buses so I shelved that idea.  We could have driven down in Janet's car but then she would have had to pay parking down there.

Perhaps next time they come to Hamilton, I will try again to convince them.

I have had that reaction before from car drivers and so it made me laugh.  Some of my friends at the Club don't do buses either!

A lovely, cool day with family.  I felt so sad when they left as I won't see them for at least another year.

Thanks for dropping by.

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