Saturday, July 6, 2013

A visit from the two Bettys

I had a very pleasant surprise yesterday when I picked up the phone to answer it. It was a lady I had met many years ago who lived in Brantford.  It turns out that her cousin Betty, a friend since I was 18, was visiting from Montreal and they wanted to come to see me.

I happened to be free that day so they came and we had a good time.  They had lunch at the club and then we went to the shopping center and they bought some clothing.

We also checked out the new grocery store at the same time.

It was lovely to see both of them.

The two Bettys - Montreal and Brantford

Montreal Betty and I

Typical Betty, looking for something in her purse!

It was so nice to see both of them again.

Thanks for dropping by.

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