Friday, August 13, 2010

A sad event

A gentleman I have known since I was about 33, has had an accident after somebody pushed a glass door at the Eaton's Center and knocked him down. He was taken to St. Mike's in Toronto, kept there for three days, then sent to a convalescent hospital for a month. A community support worker comes in for an hour to help him and he gets Meals on Wheels.

Now he can only walk with a walker and is housebound.

This gentleman was so good to the children and I when they were small. I was a guest of his mother and sister in Turkey for a month many years ago and this memory is very vivid in my mind to this day. I was so well treated by the whole family and accepted even though I was a foreigner to them. I will try and go and see him in Toronto.

Speaking of Toronto, our little visit of my work friends has been postponed for another week at least. I am somewhat disappointed.

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