Monday, August 2, 2010

A poem I wrote which was published recently

It was on the occasion of the Grand River Boat Tour, that I was moved to write a short poem. I really enjoyed the event. I wrote up the event for St. John's newsletter and included this poem. Hope it gives you the feel of that most enjoyable day on the Grand....

Flat boat glides along calm river
Gentle waves slap sides
Muddy brown water under bow
Flows by tree lined banks

Water lilies float on surface
Turtles sun on rocks exposed
Fish jump, making circles
On placid waterway

Roast beef dinner served
Home made bread & pie
Strolling fiddle player
Music while we dine

Farms and trailer parks
Dot the river banks
As the cruise boat
Moves along the Grand

The journey finally over
Well fed, contented people
Disembark and go their way
Back to where they came from.

Copyright(C)WilmaSeville 2010