Monday, August 9, 2010

A sad day for my friend

Today it has been a grey day and one which brought some very sad news my way via e-mail from a Toronto friend.

Her beloved cat had to be put to sleep and she wants to talk to me tonight when she gets home from work. I will call her.

I know how much she and Karim have loved this cat. Karim and his Mom used to come and visit me on Gulliver and we used to spend quite a lot of time together. Both he and his Mom loved my 3 cats and even "borrowed" one for the weekend, if I am remembering correctly.

So many years have passed, I have moved away but we still remain friends and I am touched that in her time of need, she would reach out to me.

Parveen has visited me here in Hamilton as well.

I will call her brother Ikram and see if we can arrange for the three of them to come up here, even for the day. It may be a comfort to them.

I really feel their pain.

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