Monday, August 30, 2010

Too hot today to go outside

Oh my, I had to cancel my plan to go with a friend to Pier 8 this afternoon.  It would have been too much for both of us to be down there as there are very few trees.  At night it will be better.

I was there last night with Rosie and we bumped into two friends, Traudl and Hans and had a jolly good time together. 

It was so great to have spent time with them.

Rosie and I always have a good time.

Instead of going out, I started on the food  cupboard and looked for expiry dates.  Some of them are so small! 

I had better start using a few of those packages up soon as the expiry date is coming in 2011.

It is a great time to straighten things up in the food cupboard as well and prepare for the long winter ahead!

I also cooked the vegetables from the Farmer's Market and so will have some of them this week over ride or noodles and a little bit of meat.

All in all, a good day in spite of being housebound!

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