Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A few days in Toronto visiting another set of friends.

Bernie, Norma's husband
I haven't seen these friends for more than seven years in the case of the ladies, and at least ten years in the case of a male friend.

It was great to see the ladies and we had a jolly time together. We ordered in from Swiss Chalet and we all enjoyed that.

My ninety-five year old friend was my hostess and the group met at her place. The last time this group saw each other was a farewell dinner for me when I moved to Hamilton which is over 7 years ago! It was so great to see them all again. We have known each other since middle 1970's.

Bernie and Norma picked up Etta on the way to Anne's which was kind of them.  As most males, he disappeared for a few hours and left us to chat together and to remember common experiences.  However, at 4 p.m. he came back to pick up the ladies and stayed for quite awhile and we were glad for that.

My friend Anne's daughter Pam and her husband came the next day and it was so great to see both of them again.

All those people are getting on, two of them are now 80 and my hostess is 95 so it is very unlikely that we will ever see each other again! We have been great friends all through these years and, naturally, we will keep in touch via phone.

I hardly go into Toronto anymore as I find it very tiring and noisy. I managed to get Wheeltrans in spite of the fact there no longer is a dedicated line for out of towners to call. It makes it much more difficult to get a ride. I had to stay on the long distance for over an hour to get my booking to go.

I needed a multiple booking for the next afternoon, and I had to call from here as well. I was fortunate though that I finally got through and got the bookings.

On my way back to the Go Transit, I went to see a Turkish gentleman friend. I was shocked when I saw him. I would not have recognized him, he had gotten so much smaller and older. He had been knocked over in the Eaton's Center in the Revolving doors and had been in St. Mike's Hospital for three days, then a rehab hospital for one month. Now he is home but not doing very well at all.

I went specifically to see him as he had been in the accident and also to try and set up his internet for him.

He had a laptop and it was a really different programme from what I had. I was only able to get the Google Home page for him and find all the Turkish newspapers which are on line. At least I was able to do that for him.

He wanted to order Swiss Chalet but I did not have time, so I suggested we go outside for a little walk and he then suggested we stop for pizza on St. Clair at Vaughan. A five minute walk took half an hour, as he has the kind of walker that you have to lift up.

Poor man,we only had a few minutes left before my ride, so I had to walk ahead of him. I saw the Wheeltrans van and he turned in the driveway and I was just fortunate that we got back in time.

Hayati was by then at his apartment building so it worked out all right.

I have to say that that particular visit has made me very sad, as I see that he is not coping well. He needs more care, although he does get meals on wheels and a bath but his little apartment is a disaster area and very cluttered and I am worried that he may fall in there.

I will keep in touch by phone. He was very good to the children and I when they were young and I don't forget things like that.

I still feel very "down" about Hayati, poor fellow is all alone.  Never married and thus, is now totally alone.

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