Sunday, August 29, 2010

Farmer's Market and Pier 8

Pier 8 - Hamilton's waterfront at sunset
What a blessing friendship is.  My friend Mohammed and I went to the Farmer's Market together yesterday and we both did our separate shopping.  I had my walker with me and it was easier for both parties to put groceries on it.

On the way back, I took a dizzy spell for some reason and Mohammed insisted on a restaurant break so that I could rest and take some juice.  It helped alot.  I was going to try and make it home but it was a wise decision on his part, as I really was feeling poorly.

I had finally been able to introduce him to Riad, at Ray's Middle Eastern stall in the market.  We have been chatting for the last seven years and I have met his sister as well.  The two men really got along very well and talked and talked like long lost brothers.  I was so happy to see that.  I had never heard Mohammed speak Arabic before.  Riad is from Lebanon and Mohammed is from Egypt.  What a grand occasion to see two strangers embrace like long lost brothers. It showed me a side of Mohammed which I have seen so many times from my friends from the Middle East and Pakistan/India.  In North America we miss so much but oftentimes don't know it.  After we left his stall, Riad came running after us and gave us some pears from his own supplies as a gesture of friendship.  We were both touched. This is truly the Middle Eastern way and made me very happy.

He sat in the park while I took the groceries up to my place and rested a little bit.  There was a Chirstian Revival meeting going on since Friday night at Gore Park and  there were a fair amount of people there.  It was and still is as I am writing this, a trifle too loud as I can hear it way up here on the 9th floor.  Thankfully, it should end by tonight.

Police were there in case of trouble but I only saw one man who became very upset and called the group a bunch of liars. 

We bumped into Andrew and Rahell who were listening to them. 

Mohammed and I took the Shuttlebus down to Pier 8 and had a wonderful time.  We bumped into Carol and her daughter Rachel and I was able to take a lovely picture of the two of them.  I sent it to them and Carol was so pleased.

I also used the "scene" section on the camera and I think I like it better for the sunset pictures.  We took the last bus up to downtown at 9 p.m. and had a jolly good time.  It is usually the same people coming back on the last bus so we have now gotten to talking together which is lovely.

He forgot he had some groceries at my place but fortunately, I remembered and he got them and took them home.  All in all, a lovely afternoon and evening, especially sharing that lovely waffle at William's Pub!

He is very good company and I am glad that we are good friends.

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