Thursday, August 19, 2010

Literary Artshare at Artword Artbar August 18,2010

Unfortunately, my blog programme no longer lets me put comments beside each photo for some reason. In fact, I only get computer language for the photos now.

I wish I knew how to change it but I don't. Performers are below and if you would care to "google" some of the names, you will see lots of material about them on the internet.

The two headliners were Norma West Linder (in the pink outfit) and Sir Robert Lima of the United States.

The featured musician for this event was Peter Tichelaar who entertained the crowd with his melodious voice and his fabulous playing of the ukulele. He will be featured in the Fall at this same venue.

Others who read from their work were:

Becky Alexander
James Deahl - Master of Ceremonies
Andres Gripp
Omaha RisinG
Jeff Seffinga
Stan White

All the above are accomplished poets whose words touched the hearts of those present.

What a grand evening it was; not only because of the delightful weather outside, but also the warmth and ambiance of ArtWord Artbar, and its welcome to writers and other artists.

For those not familiar with this location, it is on Colbourne, right down from the Anglican Cathedral. James and Colbourne are the cross streets.

Last night was no exception with the two headliners coming far to read here - Norma West Linder from Sarnia, Ontario and Sir Robert Lima from the United States.

Not only were we so fortunate to attract such wonderful artists from so far, we also had guest readers from Preston, London, Cambridge and Toronto.

Each artist was unique in their presentation and words which made it a very enjoyable evening.

I was asked to bring my camera and take pictures so here they are. James saved me a seat near the front so I could get good shots.

It was a very late evening, 11:30 by the time I got dropped off at home, but well worth the time spent there.

There will be another Artshare next month - check the Artword/Artbar website for the date.