Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday's events

It was Open Streets today on James North.  A friend of mine in the building and I went together.

It was not as crowded as it used to be as I think there are so many nice things going on this weekend in Hamilton.

We walked along with our walkers and sat when we needed to.  There were musicians playing, exhibits to see and things to buy if one were inclined to.

Here are some pictures.

A view walking down from James & King. Near the Acclamation Bar

At the Armoury

Ron and Judith and friends playing and singing
A scene from the same spot.   Graham & Brian walking by.

Ron and Judith and friends
I had just missed hearing Jeff play his ukulele which was a disappointment for me.  I saw Andre sitting at a cafe and then Jeff came over.  They were off to watch the soccer game as both of them are huge fans.

There was a lot to see  but the heat became a little too much for me and I felt quite light headed and had to sit in the shade for a while. My friend did not know I was feeling ill and she kept on walking.

We finally met near our building.  

 She enjoyed the afternoon very much as did I.

It was nice to see Jeff and Andre down there and I met one of the young  boys that I talk to at the waterfront and he introduced his little brother to me.

It seems wherever I go, I see people I know, which I just love.

Thanks for dropping by.

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