Saturday, July 19, 2014


I went to the mall to pick up a tote bag I had seen in the Indian store to keep things in when I go out with my walker.  The price sure was right - $3.98 plus tax and it is a very strong material which should last for a very long time. It is very washable and easy to keep clean.  It also had a zipper and good strong handles and a snap over it to keep unwanted hands from entering!

I had bought the brightly coloured one the day before  for the same price and decided to go back the next day and get the brown one for an inner bag.

Here are some pictures.

For use as the outer bag for the walker basket
Nice bright happy colours which lift my spirits whenever I see it. I had a large plastic bag for years and it lasted well but the zipper was giving me problems so I decided to retire it and get a new one.

This is for the inner bag which will include pens, scissors, crochet hooks and other things to do while I am at the waterfront.  I will also keep a spare book to read just in case I forgot the current one I am reading.

The reason I was lonely at the waterfront was because I had nothing to do with my hands (crochet or reading), no food with me to nibble on and only had water with me.  I jumped on the bus at the last minute and tried my luck to see if two of my friends were down there.  They were not.  Quite often I bump into other people I know, but alas, yesterday there was nobody and not much going on that interested me.

I determined to fix that problem and am now packing the bag with things to do while I am down there.

Oh well, I did enjoy gazing at the water and did worry about some young folk who were sitting on the edge of the railing, hoping that they were able to keep their balance and not fall into the water.

I only stayed about an hour and came back home.

I will be prepared next time.

Thanks for dropping by.  I am most thankful that I slept well last night - the night before I had only three hours of sleep which definitely left me not feeling that great.

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