Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our combined birthday celebration

My son and I met at Toby's in the mall.  We had a lovely chat and enjoyed a nice meal together.  Just to pass the time, we went to Fresh Nations as he finds that store a very interesting one. He had planned a BBQ for our mutual birthday celebration but the weather was not good enough so we ate in the restaurant.

He likes exploring Fresh Nations as there are products from all over the world.  He wishes it had been there when he lived down town.  He finds it cheaper than where he goes now which is good to hear.

All in all, a nice little visit.  The rest of the day, I took it easy.

Thanks for dropping by.

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princess-anna said...

Hi Mom that was a good celebration of birthday and my birthday is coming Dec 17, seeing 50 years on this planet. Have a great B-day