Thursday, July 24, 2014

A fantastic day

My dear friend Asma came from Toronto for a visit.  We went to the Whitehern Concert and sat with my friends there and had a fabulous time.  It was the Aubrey Wilson Quartet, with 1930's Jazz Standards.  Fortunately, Asma is not at all shy so she was able to join in our conversations and fit right in.  We are a wacky bunch and have fun together.

Left to right - Asma, Anita,Joyce, Jeff,Grace, (not seen - Andre, Mohammed and me)

Joyce, Jeff, Grace

An overview of one side of the garden
The concert was extremely well attended, it seems people really love jazz plus the day was not too hot which also contributed to the good attendance.

We had lots of goodies to eat, plus Mohammed ordered vegetarian pizza. A picnic in the garden is always nice especially among compatible people.

After the concert, Asma and I went down to Pier 8 on the Waterfront Shuttle bus and had an ice cream cone, (Hewitt's ice cream) which we both enjoyed.  Then we went on the little trolley which took us all along the waterfront as far as Princess Point.  This was her second time on the trolley.  We went once before with Munavver, another friend,  three or four years ago.  Here are some pictures.

My pal Asma enjoying the ride

A view of one of the sitting spots at Bayfront Park

The water was not too choppy, there were  geese, swans, goslings with their Mama goose along the way as we rode the little trolley.  It was bumpy in some parts but that just added to the charm of it.

We had though of going on the Hamiltonian boat but the water in that section of the park was quite choppy so my friend thought perhaps we should wait till another time.

We were sitting behind the driver

Lots of these colourful balls in the water - I don;t know why

Perfect area for walking, biking, and if you bring a chair, in that little opening, it is a great spot to sit. I once wrote two poems right at that spot.

In Bayfront Park

After we returned from Pier 8 and the trolley ride, we went to the Persian Food place in City Centre and order Manto, which is a very delicious Afghani dish.

I was unable to finish it and brought half of it home and I enjoyed it the next day. She left Hamilton about 7:30.

Asma reached home safely and we will look forward to our next visit.

Thanks for dropping by.

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