Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Picnic at the waterfront

Sarah and I had agreed to meet in the City Center and then go down to the waterfront.  In the meantime, while we were there, she met a person who owns a tailoring place and had a nice chat with him.  She got us two cards.  I remember him now.  He moved his shop to the City Center and I did not know where he had gone.  He is more reasonable than the others.

She also met a former neighbour of hers who has a handicapped son and this lady and her son joined us down at the waterfront for our little picnic. |We had a very nice time.

I bought a few extra treats at Harts so we would have enough food to share.  A very enjoyable time with lots to talk about.

The new lady is from Somalia.

Mohammad joined us about half an hour before the last bus.  Thankfully, he reminded me about the time as I had lost track of time.  We all were able to take the bus back to downtown.

Today I am expecting company from Toronto and have a few plans for them.

Have a good day.

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