Thursday, July 10, 2014

Busy but nice day yesterday

It was Whitehern's concert with Mike Daly, then  I stayed in the garden and chatted with two friends.   I always enjoy when Mike Daly plays and sings. He will come back again in August.

I took one of the friends back to my place where I made some sandwiches and packed a picnic supper and we went down to the waterfront.  She had never been down there before and so this was a new experience.  She will bring her children another time with a picnic lunch as well. This is now two ladies I have introduced to Pier 8 and they will plan activities down there with their children.

Marisol found it very restful down there.  We found a spot near Sarcoa where we were out of the wind to eat our little picnic supper.  Then we went back to the other side where there were more benches and chatted there for quite some time.

Eventually Sami and Mohammad came down and we joined them.  Marisol had never met Sami and she had met Mohammad just that day at the concert but they all got along just fine.

Marisol and I left to catch the earlier bus back to down town.

All in all, a lovely time spent with many friends at the concert and then with several friends down at the waterfront.   I also saw my young boys riding a scooter but they did not see me.  I enjoyed meeting them so much and chatting with them the day before.

Thanks for dropping by.

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