Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life without phone and internet service

I have found out something.  I would not be good on a deserted island with no communication possibilities!

 The one good thing that came out of this two days lack of ability to communicate was that I had to learn how to use my cell phone better.  It was fortunate that I had the cell phone that the kids gave me years ago and that I use it only for emergencies and thus had several years of credit on it.   Unfortunately for me, I cannot find the instruction book.  I called Telus to ask them how to turn the ringer on so I could hear it if it rang, and the model is so old that they had to go on a real search.  She asked me to write it all down as she told me, which I did.  I now have it typed and in the Telus folder just in case the regular phone goes down again.

At first when the kids gave me the cell phone I didn't see any use for it but over a number of years, I have had to use it to contact people whom I was meeting.  I really appreciate having it now as I would have been without any communication possibilities at night in case I needed to call for an ambulance.

It was a strange feeling not being able to communicate instantly via e-mail, skype or chat.

I had some good news from my eye specialist this week.  My right eye has no disease in it and everything is fine with it.  Of course, my left eye is blind but thankfully, my right eye is carrying the day.  After the scare of not seeing for a day after waking up, I feared that perhaps my right eye was going blind as well.

The specialist told me that older people's eyes become dry and this is what has caused the blurry vision in the right eye.  He gave me a sample of meds that I can buy over the counter to keep the eye lubricated.  We take our eyes for granted and we should not.  The cornea transplant I received from a 22 year old boy who was in a motorcycle accident,   gave me a chance of sight when I was 25.  Unfortunately for me, the company I was working for at that time had hired a company to sandblast the outside of the building and it seeped through the windows and scarred the donated cornea.  My specialist in Montreal was very upset  when he saw the damage done.  Thus, I only had good sight for a little while until the sandblasting started and the cornea was damaged beyond repair.

Dr. V, my specialist here,  is such a decent and kind man, I have always liked him.  He was able to reassure me that my right eye was fine and it should remain fine.

Had better get some work done around here.  Still going through old papers to get rid of what is no longer necessary.  I have to renew my health card as well and then the club so had better get organized to go outside.

Thanks for dropping by.  Things are back to normal now, I am thankful to say.

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