Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday afternoon's party

A friend of mine came at 11 a.m. to help me set up the food and then she had to go to another function and she came back just in time for the final part of the entertainment.  I was glad that she figured a way out to squeeze two events in on the same day!

I had started taking party things downstairs at 8 a.m. using my walker as my helper.  It is amazing how strong a walker is. I just love mine - it enables me to carry things I could not otherwise carry.

In this party room only the chairs and tables are there - everything else you need to bring down from your apartment.  I think that is the hardest part, the setting up and the dismantling and returning everything back to the apartment.  Then, of course, there is the washing and putting away of things once it is upstairs.  It is worth it though, as twenty two people came and I think they had a good time.

I am still looking for my camera as it came upstairs in with other things and when I find it, I will post some pictures.

We had a problem with the connection of the telephone and the entrance code, so unhappily one lady had to stand outside for twenty minutes.  Jennifer was manning the phones but no ring came into the party room.  I have since found out from the superintendent that the fax machine also comes in ofver this line and thus, a squealing noise will happen.  I guess the trick is to wait till the noise is over, and then buzz again.  Thanh solved the problem and put his cell phone number downstairs on my note and this way, he could let people come in.

He's got a good head on his shoulders for sure!

We started the entertainment part of the afternoon about 2:45 with Monique reading some of her work and Judy reading some of her work as well and then she led a mini-singsong.  I called for an intermission after that for 15 minutes so that people could refill their glasses and get more food to eat.

The second half of the entertainment was with Judy and a poem, me with two poems and Monique with
another poem then Judy closed that part of the party off with a great singalong. Andrew, Rahel, Saba and Mama and baby Lydia came all the way from Toronto after they finished with the event at their church.  they missed the first set of the entertainment were were in time for part of the last set.

All in all, I think people enjoyed

Just received some iphone pictures from Jennifer.  I still haven't unearthed my own camera yet where most of the pictures will be.  Still one large box to unpack and hopefully it will be in that!

Me, reading from some of my work.

Monique Berry - reading from her magazine Halycon at my party
Judy Marsales reading one of her poems

Another shot of Monique reading fromTwisted Endings.

One of the many designs
Gemstone is amber  
Some of the jewellery for sale
Scarf pins
Some other designs - one is from Africa - the cording is leather
Me reading from some of my work
Judy, reading a poem from her iphone
Part of the yummy buffet

I had several people tell me how much they enjoyed the party both on the phone and people who came from my building.
If I find my camera, I shall put different ones on.  Thus far, it has not been found and almost everything is unpacked.  I very much fear I may have tossed it out by accident in the garbage as I was so tired last night that I was hardly thinking straight.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by.


Here are a few shots from it.

Monique - reading from her magazine

Me - reading one of my poems

Judy Marsales - reading her poem from her iphone

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day of the Party

I am up at 6 a.m. and starting already.  I always worry that I won't have enough food to go around for the guests but each party, I have more than enough.  I guess that is the perfectionist coming out in me!

Last night I baked some pida bread to serve with hummas which I got from a Middle Eastern store.  I always test the bread myself to make sure it is okay before serving it. (my excuse).  I must say it was good with cheese. It was after 10 p.m. when I finally got to bed but now I am satisfied that there will be enough for people to eat.

My friend Jennifer is going to man the phone at the party room and she also will be taking pictures.  I am revving up my own camera but I suspect I may be a little too busy to take pictures.

Thanh and two of his young friends helped me carry across the fruit tray and the vegetable tray from the club and our superintendent said that I could put it in the downstairs frig so we did.

The club did a marvelous job, it all looks lovely and I am sure people will enjoy it.
Another friend is coming at 11 to help me set up the party room but I will start bringing things down on my walker much earlier than that.

I checked the party room last night and it is clean and everything is working so that is a relief.

The two young fellows who are the superintendents brought a lot of the new chairs in so that also is very helpful and the phone is there already.  Chris, our assistant superintendent, was more than helpful yesterday checking the room out and showing me where the reset buttons are in case the electricity is not on.

It should go very well.

My only concern now is handling the money if people buy some of the jewellery. I brought my calculator down so that will help.  I hope people give cheques as that makes life so much easier on me.

Ten percent of the sales will go as a donation to Doctor's without Borders as they do marvelous work and I already support them.  In the past, it has gone to people with development disorders which is another of my causes.

Well,had better get busy, just enjoying my morning coffee and chatting on this blog.  It should be fun and the entertainment will go well, as it always done.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Update on party plans

Yesterday was not the best of days, I seem to have been all thumbs and did not accomplish much.  However, today I feel terrific and full of energy.  That CPAC machine is really helping me sleep well and have energy.

Today is my last day for preparing food.  I am almost done but there are always last minute things to do.

There will be 30 confirmed people coming and possibly some drop ins from the building so it should be fun.  I was in a bit of a flap yesterday as the Pink Lady (a clown) came back from vacation in Cuba sick and cannot come to Hamilton for the party.

As you can imagine, that was not good news as it meant trying to arrange the entertainment in a different way.  I will have to fill in with more of my own work which I would have preferred not to do. I like to showcase other people's work at these parties.  

The good thing is that the other performers are real troopers and we are all pulling together to make the entertainment happen.  It should go fine and we will have a singalong still. Judy will step in to do that function, bless her for that!

Tonight I will pick up the vegetable and fruit tray from the Club which I have ordered and I am sure it will be lovely.  

Tomorrow a friend of mine will come early to help me set up and hopefully the party room will be in tip top shape with the extra chairs I have requested.

I'm not sure that I will be able to have another party in two year's time as it is very tiring but I do enjoy having them.  It will depend on my health.

It should be fun and it will be a good opportunity for people to gather and enjoy each other's company.

Thanks for dropping by.

♥ Inspire Your Friends ♥: Really Heart Touching Story... Must Read

♥ Inspire Your Friends ♥: Really Heart Touching Story... Must Read: MUST READ THIS AND SHARE THIS PIC WITH UR WALL, FRIENDZ. Really heart touching......... I was walking around in a Big Bazar store m...

I thought this was a very worthwhile article to share on my personal blog.  Drinking and driving can produce ruined lives, heartbreak, and death.

Not only does it affect the victims but also the one who commits the act. Imagine how the driver of the truck must feel when he realizes what he has done by his stupidity in drinking and driving.

Take a taxi, bus, or ask for a ride if you feel you must drink at a party to have fun.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A delightful afternoon spent with my friend from Holland

Svetlana is here only for a few days and we finally managed to get together.  I took her to the club for tea as I wanted her to have that experience and she enjoyed the ambience of the place very much.

As usual, the staff were wonderful and we enjoyed tea by the fireplace.  We chatted very easily together and although we had not seen each other for several years in person, we talk quite often on Skype.

It was a wonderful afternoon spent in good company at a lovely place.  I shall miss her when she returns to Holland.

Here are some pictures:


In front of the lit fireplace

Tea anyone?

Apple tart with ice cream for my guest

Svetlana and I.

Although the day was dreary outside, the warmth of the club and our delightful time together made the day a wonderful one.

Svetlana and I

A  shot of the room where we had our tea


She likes tulips so I took a short of her in the main dining room with the tulips

We came back briefly to my apartment to see the jewellery I have crafted for the party on Sunday and I gave her some of my banana bread and the almond cookies I have made for the party.

She enjoyed both and tomorrow I will make more things as well.

What a pleasant afternoon we spent together.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lunch at the Sheraton Hotel

What a lovely place that is to have lunch at.  My friend Mary and I had a most enjoyable time and spent several hours just enjoying the ambience there as well as each other's company.

The food was excellent and the service the same.  A wonderful luncheon with good company.



Friends together (taken by our lovely server)

New York Cheese cake - yummy.
All in all, a wonderful time together.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Mischief maker

My camera disappeared for quite a few days and I was seriously considering buying a new one as I love to take pictures, especially now that summer is hopefully on the way.

I looked everywhere, the last place I saw it was on my computer desk so I dragged out the computer desk, looked behind, got rid of the dust bunnies at the same time, but alas, no sign of the little digital camera.

I checked behind everything I could think of but to no avail....

This morning, I thought about it and made one last ditch stand before I went to purchase a new one tomorrow.  I am so happy I waited as I found it under the bed - far enough that I could not see it.

Now I know I did not put it under the bed, I know my old cat Boots is too old and too wise to do such a silly thing, so my thoughts turned to the newest addition to the family. She is only with us for a few months until her mistress gets out of the hospital but she knows the place well as she has lived with us before for two months when her mistress was hospitalized from a fall.

Unless there are some fairies playing tricks here, which I doubt very strongly, it has to be her!

Here she is the miscreant.

Doesn't she look innocent?

Ah, but who else could it have been but her....

On her first long stay with me, I wrote a poem about her which I will read at my upcoming party, it is a letter poem.

Thanks for dropping by.

Good and bad news

I managed to sleep with the mask on until about 2:30 a.m. but the mask was bothering my face as it was digging in on my nose.

I will have to talk to the lady where I borrowed it from to see how to fix that little programme.  However, that is minor if you consider that I am sleeping much better now with the mask on.

For every problem, there is a solution and sometimes it may be difficult to find it but I sure will try!

I have to say though, that I did not put the mask back on after and had a wonderful snuggle with my pillow and thoroughly enjoyed being able to do that.  The machine is helping me thankfully and getting the oxygen to my brain will hopefully help with memory problems as well as preventing strokes and heart attacks not to mention depression.  That may explain why I was "not myself" for quite a bit of the winter.  My nature is optimistic normally and it was so unlike me not to write poetry, articles or short stories.

I had plans to go to St. Paul's today but a friend of mine is in a bad state and wants to meet with me so I will have to put off visiting another friend in the hospital.  My problem is there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for all that I want and need to do!  I have two friends with broken hips in the hospital right now, plus another one in distress not to mention I have a lot of work to prepare for the upcoming party.

Overshadowing all that is the upcoming operation but it will soon be a thing of the past and that is what I am concentrating on - preparations for the party and knowing that "this too will pass" once the operation is over.

I foresee a happy summer, with snacks at the waterfront, hikes on the trails and just walking by the water.  Water has such a calming effect on me.

I ask myself, what is the bad news that I mentioned in the title.  Now that I think of it, nothing really, just to be there for a friend and listen, and try and rest as much as I can so I will be strong enough for the operation.  It is most unfortunate that they cannot put me to sleep for this one.  that anesthetic works well but the local one did not work at all for the first operation nor the second one.

A positive attitude will help in all instances and as my friend Laura used to say, "this too shall pass" and as I always say " Carry on."

On that note, thanks for dropping by and have a good day.

Some other good news to mention.  I found my camera, the visiting cat must have knocked it off my desk and played with it so it went under the bed.  Fortunately, I moved the bed today to clean under it and found it. I am so thankful for that as it is a good little camera and takes good pictures.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Winter Storm Warning today

Ah, I wish I did not have to go out today.  I can hear the wind howling from my window and it makes me shiver all over.  The goosebumps on my arms feel like they are standing at attention.

Fortunately, I was able to book DARTS which is our accessible transport company here as I need to go for an appointment this afternoon.

Today is the day I will learn how to use the CPAC machine so that I will not stop breathing while I sleep.  Hopefully, it will also assist me with sleep as well.

I will have this machine for a trial period of one month.  After that, if I want to keep it, I need to pay for it.

I'll certainly give it a good try.  Sleep is so important.

As I mentioned, today there is supposed to be a winter storm watch so perhaps DARTS will not be running if it gets too bad. I have notified the CPAC people of that possibility so will keep my ears and eyes peeled for cancellations today.

Hopefully, the storm will pass over here and we will be spared.  A friend in my building is being operated on today and it is major surgery.  Also, another friend from Toronto is flying home to Pakistan on a family emergency.

We are so dependent on the weather here, aren't we?  It affects what we do and where we go quite often. I remember a friend from Peru telling me years and years ago, that he found it very strange to hear people always talking about the weather here.  By now, he has lived here many decades and now understands why Canadians talk about the weather so much!

On that note, I guess I should get organized for the day and feed the cats.  Allie Cat, our guest cat, has fit right back into things again.  She has lived here before when her mistress was in the hospital.  I am also cat sitting another two cats as well but in their home.

I am almost ready for my party, there are 31 possible guests coming, the number has dwindled as two people are in the hospital for long term care and another had to leave the country.

This year I am introducing rings into the party - I have learned how to make them and have sold two or three all ready to various people.

Have a great day and if you live in Southern Ontario, stay indoors if you can.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Morning 3 a.m.

Ah , where is that elusive state of well being caused by a sound sleep?  I wish I knew.

Alas, it has become an unknown state for me again.  For a time, I was so fortunate to be able to sleep quite soundly and I thought my insomnia was finally over.  As you can imagine, I was so very happy about that!

I have been extremely careful about closing the computer at least an hour before bedtime most days, avoiding  excessive sweets at night, turning off the television and reading well before bedtime and being consistent on the hour I sleep.

I can only hope that the CPAC machine I am getting very soon will assist me in sleeping a deep sleep and I will awake refreshed, raring to go.

Now onto another subject.  A friend of mine in my building had a fall in her sitting room and broke her hip again.  I was invited for tea at her place on Friday and went down at the appointed hour of 3 p.m.  No answer at the door so I assumed she just had forgotten about it.  I left her a message on her telephone answering machine and thought she would call me back once she got home.

About 4:15, I got a knock on my door and it was Chris, our dear Superintendent.  She knew I had a key to my friend's unit.  It turns out that my friend was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and according to her son-in-law who is a doctor, she will require another surgery and a long convalescent.

Allie Cat will now live with Boots and I for the duration.  Fortunately, she knows me well as she has lived with us for two months the last hospital stay so she has adapted very well and comes and sits on my lap.

I will go in once a week to check on her apartment but the main thing is that she need not worry about Allie Cat as she is very happy here and has adapted already.

Living alone has some advantages, but in the case of emergency, it is a distinct disadvantage!  Falls, in elderly people, are quite common and sometimes people cannot reach a phone.  There a lifeline can come in very handy provided you wear it around the neck.  A friend of mine in Toronto had a fall in her bathroom, but alas, she was not wearing her lifeline and lay there for quite some time unable to get help.

This same friend had a heart attack and pushed the button on the lifeline machine and help came almost immediately.  It was wonderful.

She passed away several years ago but her daughter and I remain friends.  We both miss her so much as  she was like a "mama" to me.  I loved hearing her stories of the Fox Hollow Festival which the family held in the States. Evelyne brought so much richness into my life with her stories.  The family travelled to various countries as musical ambassadors of the United States.

Speaking of elderly people, I had a long chat with my friend Margaret in Toronto yesterday. She is 92 now and the years are now taking their toll on her.  She got her licence back fortunately as she has a good driving record.  She had a minor stroke and it was taken away for that reason.

As for myself, I am now working on the entertainment part of the party.  The numbers are dwindling due to hospital stays and various other good reasons.  However, there still are 18 definites and 12 most likely attending and that is fine.  Unfortunately, there is a farewell gathering for Pastor Frank on the same day so some of my friends cannot come because of that as they are organizing it.

It will be open to people in my building as well so a few may drop in.  My main concern is making enough food and having enough chairs for people to sit on.  We should have a wonderful time - I think this is my fourth party in this building and they all have gone well.

I have hired the club to do a vegetable and fruit platter so that will make things easier for me on the day.  The last week before the party will be baking and cooking time.  A friend of mine in the building has space in his frig for me to keep some things for the party so that will be good.

As for chairs, I have six folding chairs and the superintendents have bought some chairs which they have promised to put out for me on the day.

I am concentrating on the party at this time so I can keep my mind off the upcoming surgery.  I much prefer to think of happy things.....

On that note, thanks for dropping by and have a very good day!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Gala Event at my club

What a wonderful time I had last night.  I am glad that I accepted the invitation.  It was an opportunity to get to know more people and to chat with them.

The men definitely outnumbered the women which I found quite surprising.  Everybody had on their best "bib and tucker" with most of the men  were wearing bow ties and many even had carnations on their lapels.

As for the women, some were in long skirts and tops (me) and some were in glittery shorter dresses.  All looked lovely and everybody was very friendly.

A lady I am very fond of took this picture of me near the fireplace
The food was out of this world and the staff were fantastic - friendly and very efficient.  Of course, I think the staff there are wonderful human beings and I am pleased to know them.

There were some traditional things done that night which I found interesting.  A new tradition was started, the giving of a gold pin to the Past Chair.  The invited guests also got a silver pin which was very lovely.

I was deeply touched when the past Chair mentioned my name and said some very kind things about me.  I was also presented with a lovely bouquet of roses.

Here is a picture of the silver pin the guests received.

I shall wear that with pride

The dinner itself ended about 10 p,m. and some of the guests went into the lounge for drinks after that.  I went home as the evening was perfect the way it was and I was getting tired.

The wonderful staff took out the water from the vase and made it easier for me to carry home.  So very thoughtful of them.

An event for me to cherish in my memory.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a fantastic day.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Waiting, waiting

I am a patient person most of the time, but even so, there are limits.  I have an important letter coming from China from my brother and sister-in-law.  The Chinese part is done, then it came to Canada and sat for six days in customs, now it has cleared the customs and is supposed to be on its way to me.  It was supposed to be in my hands in about 5 days from the time it was sent from China.

Well, it certainly is not proving that way thus far.  I am hoping that it might arrive some time this week at least.  My sister-in-law has been to the University office where they teach at least three times to check on its progress.  Such a bother for them.

Speaking of postal service again, I got a notice saying that I had a parcel for pickup at Dundurn. It was from my regular company I order my findings from.  Normally they just shove it in the box but this time, it must have been too big.  I did make a large order this time.

Today is the big gala and I had hoped to have a relaxing day and perhaps have my hair washed and set at the School of Hairdressing but it is important to get that parcel.  My outfit is all set to go, my handcrafted jewellery also, I have picked out suitable shoes and it will be an exciting affair.  The menu is out of this world!

I am thrilled about being invited, it is such an honour.  I saw the seating plan yesterday and I will be seated with some ladies, one of which I know well, which is great for me.  It is easier for me to chat with ladies then with men I don't know.

I guess that is all the news this morning.  Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, April 1, 2013


I went to St. Paul's on Sunday for the Easter Service.  They had a brass quartet playing as well as the regular choir members and it was quite lovely. After the service, we all went downstairs and enjoyed hot cross buns.  They were delicious!

Wally was kind enough to drive me to Locke Street after church.  On holidays and Sundays that bus only runs every hour which is really not good service at all!  Even during the week, after six p.m. it only runs once an hour.   It makes it more difficult to get there.  It is a great street with lots of quaint shops and my gem store is there now too,

I am so happy to have found Sam at the gem store.  He has amazing stones and gems and I am in my element.  As I prosper in my jewellery business, I will, in turn, buy from him as I prefer dealing with somebody I know.  We have developed a very nice relationship and he is so very helpful with regards to the names of the different stones and how to price them when they are in a creation. 

I took a course Sunday afternoon on making an expandable ring.  It was really hard for me for some reason.  I needed a lot of help from the teacher but I finally succeeded.  I took notes as she went along. She was really a good teacher but this student's head was not functioning well!  Sam sat beside me and helped me with this ring as well as the teacher so it turned out very well.  I will attach a picture below.  I chose an amethyst stone to match the earrings and the necklace I made for the upcoming event that I am going to.  I am still dithering between two different outfits that I have and the jewellery set will go well with either one.  

I wish I could have found an evening top in my size here in the downtown but there was not one tht would be suitable. I wear long skirts as a general rule so for a Black Tie event I don't need any skirts thankfully.  I asked at the wedding shop but they did not carry my size and it was mostly wedding gowns.

They told me about a shop in the Mapleview Mall who has all sizes of evening wear.  I will have to find out how to get there and the name of it.  I am very nervous to go on a bus to Burlington by myself as I have no sense of direction anymore.  I really should have a fancy top for special occasions.

I have a friend in Burlington who probably would know the name of the shop so I will ask her its name and give them a call.  I don't want to spend a fortune as I may never get another invitation to a Black Tie event!  It would be good to have one suitable evening blouse on hand.

A little blurry - sorry about that

The inside of the ring

This is how it looks on my finger.

I will  have to practice a lot to be able to make these but it will be a new project for me to do.  I most likely will not use a gemstone until I have it down perfectly.  Sam knows how to do this now and he can help me if I forget something.  

I met this lovely Brazilian girl at the class and we have exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  She has moved here recently.  I think we could become good friends eventually.  She seems a very open person. She was telling me that in her country she would not dare to wear good jewellery on the street.  If she went to a special event, she would carry her jewels in a safe place away from sights and then when she gets to the place, she puts them on.

How lucky we are to live in Canada! 

I remember a friend of mine, who has since passed away, planning on a trip to Mexico and at the last minute she was unable to go.  It was a blessing in disguise for her as the people who went were robbed of their watches, cameras and jewellery while on the tour.  This was done at gun point.

 Even so, we in Canada have our "bad ones" who rob and steal, but the majority of people go about their business and live in a peaceful manner.  

As some of you know, I have edited a book for students in a Chinese ESL class.  I so much appreciate the love they have for Canada, their new homeland.  I think, we who are born here, and who may never have travelled outside the country, may not appreciate our country enough.

Free education through to the end of High School, a good medicare system where the average person can get medical care without worrying how to pay for it, most people have enough to eat and a fairly decent life style as well.  Although Canada is not perfect, it still is a great place to live and in the general rule, despite our different races and religions, we live in harmony.

So much to be thankful for!

Thanks for dropping by.