Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Morning 3 a.m.

Ah , where is that elusive state of well being caused by a sound sleep?  I wish I knew.

Alas, it has become an unknown state for me again.  For a time, I was so fortunate to be able to sleep quite soundly and I thought my insomnia was finally over.  As you can imagine, I was so very happy about that!

I have been extremely careful about closing the computer at least an hour before bedtime most days, avoiding  excessive sweets at night, turning off the television and reading well before bedtime and being consistent on the hour I sleep.

I can only hope that the CPAC machine I am getting very soon will assist me in sleeping a deep sleep and I will awake refreshed, raring to go.

Now onto another subject.  A friend of mine in my building had a fall in her sitting room and broke her hip again.  I was invited for tea at her place on Friday and went down at the appointed hour of 3 p.m.  No answer at the door so I assumed she just had forgotten about it.  I left her a message on her telephone answering machine and thought she would call me back once she got home.

About 4:15, I got a knock on my door and it was Chris, our dear Superintendent.  She knew I had a key to my friend's unit.  It turns out that my friend was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and according to her son-in-law who is a doctor, she will require another surgery and a long convalescent.

Allie Cat will now live with Boots and I for the duration.  Fortunately, she knows me well as she has lived with us for two months the last hospital stay so she has adapted very well and comes and sits on my lap.

I will go in once a week to check on her apartment but the main thing is that she need not worry about Allie Cat as she is very happy here and has adapted already.

Living alone has some advantages, but in the case of emergency, it is a distinct disadvantage!  Falls, in elderly people, are quite common and sometimes people cannot reach a phone.  There a lifeline can come in very handy provided you wear it around the neck.  A friend of mine in Toronto had a fall in her bathroom, but alas, she was not wearing her lifeline and lay there for quite some time unable to get help.

This same friend had a heart attack and pushed the button on the lifeline machine and help came almost immediately.  It was wonderful.

She passed away several years ago but her daughter and I remain friends.  We both miss her so much as  she was like a "mama" to me.  I loved hearing her stories of the Fox Hollow Festival which the family held in the States. Evelyne brought so much richness into my life with her stories.  The family travelled to various countries as musical ambassadors of the United States.

Speaking of elderly people, I had a long chat with my friend Margaret in Toronto yesterday. She is 92 now and the years are now taking their toll on her.  She got her licence back fortunately as she has a good driving record.  She had a minor stroke and it was taken away for that reason.

As for myself, I am now working on the entertainment part of the party.  The numbers are dwindling due to hospital stays and various other good reasons.  However, there still are 18 definites and 12 most likely attending and that is fine.  Unfortunately, there is a farewell gathering for Pastor Frank on the same day so some of my friends cannot come because of that as they are organizing it.

It will be open to people in my building as well so a few may drop in.  My main concern is making enough food and having enough chairs for people to sit on.  We should have a wonderful time - I think this is my fourth party in this building and they all have gone well.

I have hired the club to do a vegetable and fruit platter so that will make things easier for me on the day.  The last week before the party will be baking and cooking time.  A friend of mine in the building has space in his frig for me to keep some things for the party so that will be good.

As for chairs, I have six folding chairs and the superintendents have bought some chairs which they have promised to put out for me on the day.

I am concentrating on the party at this time so I can keep my mind off the upcoming surgery.  I much prefer to think of happy things.....

On that note, thanks for dropping by and have a very good day!

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