Monday, April 1, 2013


I went to St. Paul's on Sunday for the Easter Service.  They had a brass quartet playing as well as the regular choir members and it was quite lovely. After the service, we all went downstairs and enjoyed hot cross buns.  They were delicious!

Wally was kind enough to drive me to Locke Street after church.  On holidays and Sundays that bus only runs every hour which is really not good service at all!  Even during the week, after six p.m. it only runs once an hour.   It makes it more difficult to get there.  It is a great street with lots of quaint shops and my gem store is there now too,

I am so happy to have found Sam at the gem store.  He has amazing stones and gems and I am in my element.  As I prosper in my jewellery business, I will, in turn, buy from him as I prefer dealing with somebody I know.  We have developed a very nice relationship and he is so very helpful with regards to the names of the different stones and how to price them when they are in a creation. 

I took a course Sunday afternoon on making an expandable ring.  It was really hard for me for some reason.  I needed a lot of help from the teacher but I finally succeeded.  I took notes as she went along. She was really a good teacher but this student's head was not functioning well!  Sam sat beside me and helped me with this ring as well as the teacher so it turned out very well.  I will attach a picture below.  I chose an amethyst stone to match the earrings and the necklace I made for the upcoming event that I am going to.  I am still dithering between two different outfits that I have and the jewellery set will go well with either one.  

I wish I could have found an evening top in my size here in the downtown but there was not one tht would be suitable. I wear long skirts as a general rule so for a Black Tie event I don't need any skirts thankfully.  I asked at the wedding shop but they did not carry my size and it was mostly wedding gowns.

They told me about a shop in the Mapleview Mall who has all sizes of evening wear.  I will have to find out how to get there and the name of it.  I am very nervous to go on a bus to Burlington by myself as I have no sense of direction anymore.  I really should have a fancy top for special occasions.

I have a friend in Burlington who probably would know the name of the shop so I will ask her its name and give them a call.  I don't want to spend a fortune as I may never get another invitation to a Black Tie event!  It would be good to have one suitable evening blouse on hand.

A little blurry - sorry about that

The inside of the ring

This is how it looks on my finger.

I will  have to practice a lot to be able to make these but it will be a new project for me to do.  I most likely will not use a gemstone until I have it down perfectly.  Sam knows how to do this now and he can help me if I forget something.  

I met this lovely Brazilian girl at the class and we have exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  She has moved here recently.  I think we could become good friends eventually.  She seems a very open person. She was telling me that in her country she would not dare to wear good jewellery on the street.  If she went to a special event, she would carry her jewels in a safe place away from sights and then when she gets to the place, she puts them on.

How lucky we are to live in Canada! 

I remember a friend of mine, who has since passed away, planning on a trip to Mexico and at the last minute she was unable to go.  It was a blessing in disguise for her as the people who went were robbed of their watches, cameras and jewellery while on the tour.  This was done at gun point.

 Even so, we in Canada have our "bad ones" who rob and steal, but the majority of people go about their business and live in a peaceful manner.  

As some of you know, I have edited a book for students in a Chinese ESL class.  I so much appreciate the love they have for Canada, their new homeland.  I think, we who are born here, and who may never have travelled outside the country, may not appreciate our country enough.

Free education through to the end of High School, a good medicare system where the average person can get medical care without worrying how to pay for it, most people have enough to eat and a fairly decent life style as well.  Although Canada is not perfect, it still is a great place to live and in the general rule, despite our different races and religions, we live in harmony.

So much to be thankful for!

Thanks for dropping by. 

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