Thursday, April 11, 2013

Winter Storm Warning today

Ah, I wish I did not have to go out today.  I can hear the wind howling from my window and it makes me shiver all over.  The goosebumps on my arms feel like they are standing at attention.

Fortunately, I was able to book DARTS which is our accessible transport company here as I need to go for an appointment this afternoon.

Today is the day I will learn how to use the CPAC machine so that I will not stop breathing while I sleep.  Hopefully, it will also assist me with sleep as well.

I will have this machine for a trial period of one month.  After that, if I want to keep it, I need to pay for it.

I'll certainly give it a good try.  Sleep is so important.

As I mentioned, today there is supposed to be a winter storm watch so perhaps DARTS will not be running if it gets too bad. I have notified the CPAC people of that possibility so will keep my ears and eyes peeled for cancellations today.

Hopefully, the storm will pass over here and we will be spared.  A friend in my building is being operated on today and it is major surgery.  Also, another friend from Toronto is flying home to Pakistan on a family emergency.

We are so dependent on the weather here, aren't we?  It affects what we do and where we go quite often. I remember a friend from Peru telling me years and years ago, that he found it very strange to hear people always talking about the weather here.  By now, he has lived here many decades and now understands why Canadians talk about the weather so much!

On that note, I guess I should get organized for the day and feed the cats.  Allie Cat, our guest cat, has fit right back into things again.  She has lived here before when her mistress was in the hospital.  I am also cat sitting another two cats as well but in their home.

I am almost ready for my party, there are 31 possible guests coming, the number has dwindled as two people are in the hospital for long term care and another had to leave the country.

This year I am introducing rings into the party - I have learned how to make them and have sold two or three all ready to various people.

Have a great day and if you live in Southern Ontario, stay indoors if you can.

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