Saturday, April 27, 2013

Update on party plans

Yesterday was not the best of days, I seem to have been all thumbs and did not accomplish much.  However, today I feel terrific and full of energy.  That CPAC machine is really helping me sleep well and have energy.

Today is my last day for preparing food.  I am almost done but there are always last minute things to do.

There will be 30 confirmed people coming and possibly some drop ins from the building so it should be fun.  I was in a bit of a flap yesterday as the Pink Lady (a clown) came back from vacation in Cuba sick and cannot come to Hamilton for the party.

As you can imagine, that was not good news as it meant trying to arrange the entertainment in a different way.  I will have to fill in with more of my own work which I would have preferred not to do. I like to showcase other people's work at these parties.  

The good thing is that the other performers are real troopers and we are all pulling together to make the entertainment happen.  It should go fine and we will have a singalong still. Judy will step in to do that function, bless her for that!

Tonight I will pick up the vegetable and fruit tray from the Club which I have ordered and I am sure it will be lovely.  

Tomorrow a friend of mine will come early to help me set up and hopefully the party room will be in tip top shape with the extra chairs I have requested.

I'm not sure that I will be able to have another party in two year's time as it is very tiring but I do enjoy having them.  It will depend on my health.

It should be fun and it will be a good opportunity for people to gather and enjoy each other's company.

Thanks for dropping by.

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