Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday afternoon's party

A friend of mine came at 11 a.m. to help me set up the food and then she had to go to another function and she came back just in time for the final part of the entertainment.  I was glad that she figured a way out to squeeze two events in on the same day!

I had started taking party things downstairs at 8 a.m. using my walker as my helper.  It is amazing how strong a walker is. I just love mine - it enables me to carry things I could not otherwise carry.

In this party room only the chairs and tables are there - everything else you need to bring down from your apartment.  I think that is the hardest part, the setting up and the dismantling and returning everything back to the apartment.  Then, of course, there is the washing and putting away of things once it is upstairs.  It is worth it though, as twenty two people came and I think they had a good time.

I am still looking for my camera as it came upstairs in with other things and when I find it, I will post some pictures.

We had a problem with the connection of the telephone and the entrance code, so unhappily one lady had to stand outside for twenty minutes.  Jennifer was manning the phones but no ring came into the party room.  I have since found out from the superintendent that the fax machine also comes in ofver this line and thus, a squealing noise will happen.  I guess the trick is to wait till the noise is over, and then buzz again.  Thanh solved the problem and put his cell phone number downstairs on my note and this way, he could let people come in.

He's got a good head on his shoulders for sure!

We started the entertainment part of the afternoon about 2:45 with Monique reading some of her work and Judy reading some of her work as well and then she led a mini-singsong.  I called for an intermission after that for 15 minutes so that people could refill their glasses and get more food to eat.

The second half of the entertainment was with Judy and a poem, me with two poems and Monique with
another poem then Judy closed that part of the party off with a great singalong. Andrew, Rahel, Saba and Mama and baby Lydia came all the way from Toronto after they finished with the event at their church.  they missed the first set of the entertainment were were in time for part of the last set.

All in all, I think people enjoyed

Just received some iphone pictures from Jennifer.  I still haven't unearthed my own camera yet where most of the pictures will be.  Still one large box to unpack and hopefully it will be in that!

Me, reading from some of my work.

Monique Berry - reading from her magazine Halycon at my party
Judy Marsales reading one of her poems

Another shot of Monique reading fromTwisted Endings.

One of the many designs
Gemstone is amber  
Some of the jewellery for sale
Scarf pins
Some other designs - one is from Africa - the cording is leather
Me reading from some of my work
Judy, reading a poem from her iphone
Part of the yummy buffet

I had several people tell me how much they enjoyed the party both on the phone and people who came from my building.
If I find my camera, I shall put different ones on.  Thus far, it has not been found and almost everything is unpacked.  I very much fear I may have tossed it out by accident in the garbage as I was so tired last night that I was hardly thinking straight.

Have a great day and thanks for dropping by.


Here are a few shots from it.

Monique - reading from her magazine

Me - reading one of my poems

Judy Marsales - reading her poem from her iphone

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