Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Mischief maker

My camera disappeared for quite a few days and I was seriously considering buying a new one as I love to take pictures, especially now that summer is hopefully on the way.

I looked everywhere, the last place I saw it was on my computer desk so I dragged out the computer desk, looked behind, got rid of the dust bunnies at the same time, but alas, no sign of the little digital camera.

I checked behind everything I could think of but to no avail....

This morning, I thought about it and made one last ditch stand before I went to purchase a new one tomorrow.  I am so happy I waited as I found it under the bed - far enough that I could not see it.

Now I know I did not put it under the bed, I know my old cat Boots is too old and too wise to do such a silly thing, so my thoughts turned to the newest addition to the family. She is only with us for a few months until her mistress gets out of the hospital but she knows the place well as she has lived with us before for two months when her mistress was hospitalized from a fall.

Unless there are some fairies playing tricks here, which I doubt very strongly, it has to be her!

Here she is the miscreant.

Doesn't she look innocent?

Ah, but who else could it have been but her....

On her first long stay with me, I wrote a poem about her which I will read at my upcoming party, it is a letter poem.

Thanks for dropping by.

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