Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Gala Event at my club

What a wonderful time I had last night.  I am glad that I accepted the invitation.  It was an opportunity to get to know more people and to chat with them.

The men definitely outnumbered the women which I found quite surprising.  Everybody had on their best "bib and tucker" with most of the men  were wearing bow ties and many even had carnations on their lapels.

As for the women, some were in long skirts and tops (me) and some were in glittery shorter dresses.  All looked lovely and everybody was very friendly.

A lady I am very fond of took this picture of me near the fireplace
The food was out of this world and the staff were fantastic - friendly and very efficient.  Of course, I think the staff there are wonderful human beings and I am pleased to know them.

There were some traditional things done that night which I found interesting.  A new tradition was started, the giving of a gold pin to the Past Chair.  The invited guests also got a silver pin which was very lovely.

I was deeply touched when the past Chair mentioned my name and said some very kind things about me.  I was also presented with a lovely bouquet of roses.

Here is a picture of the silver pin the guests received.

I shall wear that with pride

The dinner itself ended about 10 p,m. and some of the guests went into the lounge for drinks after that.  I went home as the evening was perfect the way it was and I was getting tired.

The wonderful staff took out the water from the vase and made it easier for me to carry home.  So very thoughtful of them.

An event for me to cherish in my memory.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have a fantastic day.

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