Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day of the Party

I am up at 6 a.m. and starting already.  I always worry that I won't have enough food to go around for the guests but each party, I have more than enough.  I guess that is the perfectionist coming out in me!

Last night I baked some pida bread to serve with hummas which I got from a Middle Eastern store.  I always test the bread myself to make sure it is okay before serving it. (my excuse).  I must say it was good with cheese. It was after 10 p.m. when I finally got to bed but now I am satisfied that there will be enough for people to eat.

My friend Jennifer is going to man the phone at the party room and she also will be taking pictures.  I am revving up my own camera but I suspect I may be a little too busy to take pictures.

Thanh and two of his young friends helped me carry across the fruit tray and the vegetable tray from the club and our superintendent said that I could put it in the downstairs frig so we did.

The club did a marvelous job, it all looks lovely and I am sure people will enjoy it.
Another friend is coming at 11 to help me set up the party room but I will start bringing things down on my walker much earlier than that.

I checked the party room last night and it is clean and everything is working so that is a relief.

The two young fellows who are the superintendents brought a lot of the new chairs in so that also is very helpful and the phone is there already.  Chris, our assistant superintendent, was more than helpful yesterday checking the room out and showing me where the reset buttons are in case the electricity is not on.

It should go very well.

My only concern now is handling the money if people buy some of the jewellery. I brought my calculator down so that will help.  I hope people give cheques as that makes life so much easier on me.

Ten percent of the sales will go as a donation to Doctor's without Borders as they do marvelous work and I already support them.  In the past, it has gone to people with development disorders which is another of my causes.

Well,had better get busy, just enjoying my morning coffee and chatting on this blog.  It should be fun and the entertainment will go well, as it always done.

Thanks for dropping by.

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