Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bugs, does anybody see a bug here?

This is my creation for today.  I see a bug.  What do you see?

This particular stone is a mosy agate which is a semi-precious stone. 

I had a great time visualizing what this would turn into.  I do love doing wirework the best

Here is the creation.

Price:   $80.00 Canadian plus shipping and handling.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Natural river stone wirewrapped with gold plated wire and jewels

This was quite a time consuming design to do but I am very happy with the results.  It reminds me of the roots of the tree and the branches reaching up to the sky.

I can just visualize this as if it were a living thing.  It can be put on a chain to wear as a pendant.

All things have beauty, including a stone from a river.  Imagine what that stone could tell us if he could but talk.  I wonder how long it has been tumbling along the river bottom until it was chosen by some human as being worthy of human notice?

I have always loved rocks and precious stones.

Here is the finished creation with a gold plated chain - ready to wear.   $85.00 Canadian plus shipping and handling. Also comes with a little poem.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lanyards for keys

The other day I had to search for my keys in a large, key eating purse which I would swear has a habit of losing them within its interior.  Frustration is not an adequate word for how I felt as my fingers dove into the interior, pushing this and that aside.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, I found them.

I decided then and there to do something about it and made a lanyard out of leather for myself.  I made it to go over my head and to hold my cell phone as well as my keys.

What a blessing it has been for me the last few days.  I can feel the leather cording in my purse and just give it a tug and there it is.  No more fumbling around.  Much better for my nerves!

I have since made two others to sell at my party.

I plan to make a few others in different colours of leather.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Howling winds assail my ears

Hopefully this is our last storm of the winter!  The snow is coming down rapidly, its flakes being driven as if by a giant hand orchestrating it.  Snow plows are out in full force downtown which is one of the great reasons for living downtown as it is done first as far as I understand.

Since it was not the best of days to go outside, I decided to cook some baked beans.  It is a very filling dinner and can be served as beans on toast with ketchup, a dollop of beans beside an omlette and whatever one's imagination can devise.

I did the quicker one hour soak of the navy beans instead of waiting overnight which I usually do.

I had a few beans left over and will make bean spread for sandwiches with them.  Mixed with salt and pepper, mustard and whatever else I have on hand, this spread is very nutritious and filling. It is also good on crackers as well or with pida bread.

I may make bread tomorrow as well as the weather probably is still not going to be that great.

I felt quite creative and decided to make some jewellery to get ready for my upcoming party in April.

Happily, I had purchased some lovely stones from a dealer just this week and was able to use one of them to make a wire wrapped stone.

Here is a picture of it.

Copper wire work on creamy yellow shiny stone - choker length cording

I also did some crochet work with a brown cord material and will add some jewellery to it tomorrow to see how it looks.  I am back into using cording again and have several projects in my mind to do with it.  It should be fun to do but it is hard on the fingers.

Here is a picture of the chain maille work I have done.  It has a Swarovski topaz gem on the very bottom of the chain and fits nicely over the head.  Good for people with arthritis or just those who don't feel like fiddling with a clasp!

Hand done chain maille with Swarovski crystal gemstone

Not much else new now, the light is growing dim so will have to stop making jewellery for today.  Need really good light for that.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Synthetic blue stone with silver and amber coloured beads

I worked all afternoon on this creation.  It is more difficult to do than it looks as it is alot of detailed work.

It lies flat when on.  It is a pretty blue stone.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Action creates a reaction

An update on the situation of the blind man.  I contacted via e-mail, my city councillor and he has taken some action. I brought up several issues pertaining to people with disabilities and the HRS and he has referred my e-mail to two different areas.  One to the general manager of HSR (Hamilton Street Railway) our city bus here, and the other e-mail to the Access people in City Hall.

I am still waiting for a reply from the mayor which I hope to receive in a day or so.   AN UPDATE, Mayor Bob Bratina just e-mailed me 3 minutes ago.  Now I am just waiting to see if the Hamilton Spectator prints my Letter to the Editor.

Action has to be taken in order to make this city a safer place for the disabled.

I am very pleased with Brian McHattie and his quick reply. 

I seem to be on a roll lately, on a human rights issue of a Canadian citizen imprisioned in China, I got a letter from Stephen Harper signed by him in blue ink.  Now I am on the bandwagon for disabled folk right here in town.

This is Canada, people can speak up without fear.

I am so pleased to be able to write about this update on the case of the blind man.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Tide at Gage Park

Today was a bright and beautiful day although it was a cold wind.  Many people were out and about enjoying the sunshine which has been rather scarce these last few weeks.  Hamilton has this wonderful flower show at Gage Park Greenhouse which is free.

One of the birds from the Aviary in Westdale

Aren't these wonderful little pansies?

A true sign of Spring

My friend Rosie suggested we pop over there for a few hours to enjoy this free show in the Greenhouse there.

It was very crowded with older folk, mothers with small children and all ages in between.  Hamilton has some wonderful things to do for free.  This is one of them.

Observe the gold fish in the ponds

One of my favourite flowers

Wonderful happy colours

So cozy and beautiful to see

I used to have a very tall rubber tree, but certainly not as tall as this one!

My friend Rosie had a great suggestion and we bumped into several people from her residence who were also enjoying the beauty at Gage Park Greenhouse.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Have a good day.

Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

Excuse me, excuse me pleae, won't somebody help?

Panicked voice rings in my ears
Rotund man, tears streaming down face
Sunglasses cover unseeing eyes
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

White stick waves to and fro
looking for moved bus stop
Uncertain where to go
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

Cars whiz by unseeing
Pedestrians tune out cries
No helping hand extended
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

A step or two ahead, open manhole
Blind man cannot see
Workers do not notice
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't sombody help?

Thankfully one man notices
I rush to help as well
While others take no heed
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

A tragedy is averted
in the nick of time
Safety is assured
This man's life is spared.


This poem will most likely be changed many times but it expressed my feelings at what I saw today.

I wrote it with tears in my eyes both for mankind's unwillingness to get involved and for this youngish man whose routine was badly shaken today.  He comes downtown most every day and plays his accordian outside of the middle door at Jackson's Square.  He works to help himself. 

I see him in all kinds of weather and this just broke my heart today. Is Hamilton getting too big?  Don't we care anymore about each other? A tragedy was averted today by the quick action of that wonderful man who stopped to help. 

I would not be surprised if this man does develop a fear of coming downtown especially now that construction has begun. 

One of the things which bothered me also, was at his regular bus stop he stood and the driver just told him that the bus stop was moved and told him it was about a block away.  Couldn't she just have picked him up?  It would have been so much safer.

I will be calling the H.S.R. to talk to a representative about this incident.  This is not right.

Further to the above, I have contacted the mayor, my councillor and the Hamilton Spectator about this incident.  I went as high up as I could go as I want something done about this.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creativity overcomes plainness


I had a very plain stone which I found lacking in beauty.  I hate to waste anything so I applied my creativeness to find a solution to making this stone shine as bright as a star in the night sky.

I guess you could call it the same as a woman putting on makeup, somehow the embellishment made it look a much happier and contented stone.  Read that as a joke please.

Speaking of stones, it might be a fun idea to write a creative story from the stone's point of view!  I may give that a thought some day.

I will also post a picture of Boots, my 16 year old cat, curled up in the cat basket that he and Tiger share.  That is for you April.  I hope you like it.  He is a frisky old boy and a joy to have around. 

I still haven't had time to amend my two cat poems but hope to do that before too long.  They are such good subjects, my two cats, as they are always doing something to liven up the day!

Boots prefers to sleep this way from time to time - at 16 years old, he can do what he wants!

The front of the stone - leather cord and wooden bead

A look at the back of the bead.

I love being creative, both in writing and in jewellery making.  It gives me so much pleasure and helps retirement hours whiz by.

I hope that my hands can always work, arthritis in them is my main enemy but as long as I can, I certainly will keep those hands moving.  I love to crochet as well.  I cannot paint except in word pictures in a story. I do admire people who can paint scenery and beautiful works of nature.

Amethyst crystal bunny - 16" chain - suitable for young lady

If I had a granddaughter, I would be so happy to give this to her.  It is just adoreable.  I have priced it very reasonably, so as to facilitate mothers and grandmothers to get one at an affordable price. 

Have a great day and thanks for reading my blog.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A nice afternoon

We had a fairly good turn out for our ladies group today.  A speaker from the Catholic Family Services came to talk to us about Hoarding.

It had been my suggestion that he be invited and Danny Pereira did not let us down.  He brought a slide show and explained what his section does.

I had intended to take notes but unfortunately, Danny needed me to work the computer as he had to be where the microphone was so the ladies could hear him.

It was a very interesting talk.  This hoarding can affect young and old alike and can be very detrimental to people's health and safety.  He told us of some people who refuse help which is their perfect right, but there has been many cases where they have been successful to get the help these people badly needed.

Some people never leave their homes, ordering in everything they need.  Nobody ever sees inside their homes and in some cases there are piles of things up to the ceiling, garbage everywhere and even beds covered with things.  Some people have 14 cats at home, some people save cans for the money but never get refunds, and the list could go on and on.  He gave many examples of what he has found in his 2 years with this programme.

He was a very nice young fellow and he seemed to be very comfortable talking to older people.  There were many good questions asked by the ladies as well as Pastor Frank.

All in all, a very worthwhile afternoon.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yessieno is coming

I was talking to Yessieno and asking about her act for the party.  It should be a blast and I can hardly wait!

I am sure that the assembled guests will enjoy it to the utmost.

Things are slowly shaping up - nicer weather, some fun times coming......

Yessieno is coming to Hamilton on April 10th.  Don't miss your chance to see this act.  Put your name down for my party in order to get the limited amounts of chairs available.


Working on a children's poem right now

As such, it needs to be rhyming, at least here in Canada it does.  It will be about a lady and her cat.

I need something to lighten my mood after writing about a family and their troubles.  A children's poem will do that for me.

Cats are such independent creatures which is one of the many reasons I enjoy having them around.  Right now my two cats are sitting on my bed just staring at me.

I find cats such a comfort.  They come up and sit on your lap, they snuggle next to you if you are feeling ill, they communicate with humans in their own special way, and in general, are great companions.

There always are plenty of cats to adopt at local shelters.  I get all my cats from the shelters except for ones that come to me via other people who no longer can care for them.

They are easier to care for than dogs who need to be walked several times a day and seem to need more attention than cats do.

Speaking of cats, a friend of mine Jeff will be reading from his new book on cats at Lit Live Sunday night.  It should be very nice as the Sky Dragon is a cozy place to visit and the staff friendly.

Have a great day and enjoy your day!

Friday, March 4, 2011

World Day of Prayer 2011

Pat Finnigan, Pastoral Care, Good Shepherd Centre, was the guest speaker for the downtown churches World Day of Prayer.

Her message was short.  She is a very good speaker.  Her points were well taken as she brought forth the needs of human beings for an ear to listen, a hand to help and just to be noticed by another soul.

I really enjoyed her talk.

She was the same lady who was in facilitator for the Memorial Service for Laura Ann Young. It was there that I met her first. 

The women of Chile wrote this programme which was entitled "How Many Loaves Have You."

I personally found it interesting to hear more about these women and to know some of their problems.

The mic's in the church itself were not working as well as they needed to which made it difficult for some of us to hear.  However, in spite of that, it was a successful event.

Refreshments were served in the church hall.  It is the custom for each participating church to contribute two plates of sandwiches, two plates of vegetables and two plates of sweets.

All in all, a worthwhile service which broadened our minds to the plight of women in other countries.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Killing of women protesters shocks Ivory Coast - World - CBC News

Killing of women protesters shocks Ivory Coast - World - CBC News

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cats prefer extroverts and think women are more fun: study - Healthzone.ca

Cats prefer extroverts and think women are more fun: study - Healthzone.ca

For those people who are cat lovers, click on the above link. This is a very interesting article which my son sent me.

Cats rule!!!

Have a great day!