Saturday, March 5, 2011

Working on a children's poem right now

As such, it needs to be rhyming, at least here in Canada it does.  It will be about a lady and her cat.

I need something to lighten my mood after writing about a family and their troubles.  A children's poem will do that for me.

Cats are such independent creatures which is one of the many reasons I enjoy having them around.  Right now my two cats are sitting on my bed just staring at me.

I find cats such a comfort.  They come up and sit on your lap, they snuggle next to you if you are feeling ill, they communicate with humans in their own special way, and in general, are great companions.

There always are plenty of cats to adopt at local shelters.  I get all my cats from the shelters except for ones that come to me via other people who no longer can care for them.

They are easier to care for than dogs who need to be walked several times a day and seem to need more attention than cats do.

Speaking of cats, a friend of mine Jeff will be reading from his new book on cats at Lit Live Sunday night.  It should be very nice as the Sky Dragon is a cozy place to visit and the staff friendly.

Have a great day and enjoy your day!

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april said...

Would love to read the poem you are writing. You probably know, from looking at my blog (thank you for your nice comment, by the way) that I have a dog (Henri'). Love cats too though and have many friends who have them. Hope you will post some pix!