Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Howling winds assail my ears

Hopefully this is our last storm of the winter!  The snow is coming down rapidly, its flakes being driven as if by a giant hand orchestrating it.  Snow plows are out in full force downtown which is one of the great reasons for living downtown as it is done first as far as I understand.

Since it was not the best of days to go outside, I decided to cook some baked beans.  It is a very filling dinner and can be served as beans on toast with ketchup, a dollop of beans beside an omlette and whatever one's imagination can devise.

I did the quicker one hour soak of the navy beans instead of waiting overnight which I usually do.

I had a few beans left over and will make bean spread for sandwiches with them.  Mixed with salt and pepper, mustard and whatever else I have on hand, this spread is very nutritious and filling. It is also good on crackers as well or with pida bread.

I may make bread tomorrow as well as the weather probably is still not going to be that great.

I felt quite creative and decided to make some jewellery to get ready for my upcoming party in April.

Happily, I had purchased some lovely stones from a dealer just this week and was able to use one of them to make a wire wrapped stone.

Here is a picture of it.

Copper wire work on creamy yellow shiny stone - choker length cording

I also did some crochet work with a brown cord material and will add some jewellery to it tomorrow to see how it looks.  I am back into using cording again and have several projects in my mind to do with it.  It should be fun to do but it is hard on the fingers.

Here is a picture of the chain maille work I have done.  It has a Swarovski topaz gem on the very bottom of the chain and fits nicely over the head.  Good for people with arthritis or just those who don't feel like fiddling with a clasp!

Hand done chain maille with Swarovski crystal gemstone

Not much else new now, the light is growing dim so will have to stop making jewellery for today.  Need really good light for that.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!

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