Friday, March 18, 2011

Action creates a reaction

An update on the situation of the blind man.  I contacted via e-mail, my city councillor and he has taken some action. I brought up several issues pertaining to people with disabilities and the HRS and he has referred my e-mail to two different areas.  One to the general manager of HSR (Hamilton Street Railway) our city bus here, and the other e-mail to the Access people in City Hall.

I am still waiting for a reply from the mayor which I hope to receive in a day or so.   AN UPDATE, Mayor Bob Bratina just e-mailed me 3 minutes ago.  Now I am just waiting to see if the Hamilton Spectator prints my Letter to the Editor.

Action has to be taken in order to make this city a safer place for the disabled.

I am very pleased with Brian McHattie and his quick reply. 

I seem to be on a roll lately, on a human rights issue of a Canadian citizen imprisioned in China, I got a letter from Stephen Harper signed by him in blue ink.  Now I am on the bandwagon for disabled folk right here in town.

This is Canada, people can speak up without fear.

I am so pleased to be able to write about this update on the case of the blind man.


WEF said...

Wonderful! Glad to see someone's getting involved, Wilma.


annaken said...

Thanks for reading my blog, WEF.

I will take that poem for critiquing but it sure was heart felt by me. I was so upset when I saw what happened.