Thursday, March 17, 2011

Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

Excuse me, excuse me pleae, won't somebody help?

Panicked voice rings in my ears
Rotund man, tears streaming down face
Sunglasses cover unseeing eyes
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

White stick waves to and fro
looking for moved bus stop
Uncertain where to go
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

Cars whiz by unseeing
Pedestrians tune out cries
No helping hand extended
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

A step or two ahead, open manhole
Blind man cannot see
Workers do not notice
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't sombody help?

Thankfully one man notices
I rush to help as well
While others take no heed
Excuse me, excuse me please, won't somebody help?

A tragedy is averted
in the nick of time
Safety is assured
This man's life is spared.


This poem will most likely be changed many times but it expressed my feelings at what I saw today.

I wrote it with tears in my eyes both for mankind's unwillingness to get involved and for this youngish man whose routine was badly shaken today.  He comes downtown most every day and plays his accordian outside of the middle door at Jackson's Square.  He works to help himself. 

I see him in all kinds of weather and this just broke my heart today. Is Hamilton getting too big?  Don't we care anymore about each other? A tragedy was averted today by the quick action of that wonderful man who stopped to help. 

I would not be surprised if this man does develop a fear of coming downtown especially now that construction has begun. 

One of the things which bothered me also, was at his regular bus stop he stood and the driver just told him that the bus stop was moved and told him it was about a block away.  Couldn't she just have picked him up?  It would have been so much safer.

I will be calling the H.S.R. to talk to a representative about this incident.  This is not right.

Further to the above, I have contacted the mayor, my councillor and the Hamilton Spectator about this incident.  I went as high up as I could go as I want something done about this.


AMINA said...

Oh Wilma, so sad to hear about things like this. Everyday, more people are becoming selfish and unaware of their surroundings. Not caring about what happens around them. It gets worse everyday. There aren't enough people who care anymore.

annaken said...

Amina, you are so right! We need to get back to caring for each other. I am sure that you notice it even more in such a large city as Toronto.

Thanks for commenting. I appreciate comments so much. Some friends have said they don't how to comment on the blog. Cannot figure out how to do it so they send me e-mails instead.