Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A nice afternoon

We had a fairly good turn out for our ladies group today.  A speaker from the Catholic Family Services came to talk to us about Hoarding.

It had been my suggestion that he be invited and Danny Pereira did not let us down.  He brought a slide show and explained what his section does.

I had intended to take notes but unfortunately, Danny needed me to work the computer as he had to be where the microphone was so the ladies could hear him.

It was a very interesting talk.  This hoarding can affect young and old alike and can be very detrimental to people's health and safety.  He told us of some people who refuse help which is their perfect right, but there has been many cases where they have been successful to get the help these people badly needed.

Some people never leave their homes, ordering in everything they need.  Nobody ever sees inside their homes and in some cases there are piles of things up to the ceiling, garbage everywhere and even beds covered with things.  Some people have 14 cats at home, some people save cans for the money but never get refunds, and the list could go on and on.  He gave many examples of what he has found in his 2 years with this programme.

He was a very nice young fellow and he seemed to be very comfortable talking to older people.  There were many good questions asked by the ladies as well as Pastor Frank.

All in all, a very worthwhile afternoon.

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