Friday, March 4, 2011

World Day of Prayer 2011

Pat Finnigan, Pastoral Care, Good Shepherd Centre, was the guest speaker for the downtown churches World Day of Prayer.

Her message was short.  She is a very good speaker.  Her points were well taken as she brought forth the needs of human beings for an ear to listen, a hand to help and just to be noticed by another soul.

I really enjoyed her talk.

She was the same lady who was in facilitator for the Memorial Service for Laura Ann Young. It was there that I met her first. 

The women of Chile wrote this programme which was entitled "How Many Loaves Have You."

I personally found it interesting to hear more about these women and to know some of their problems.

The mic's in the church itself were not working as well as they needed to which made it difficult for some of us to hear.  However, in spite of that, it was a successful event.

Refreshments were served in the church hall.  It is the custom for each participating church to contribute two plates of sandwiches, two plates of vegetables and two plates of sweets.

All in all, a worthwhile service which broadened our minds to the plight of women in other countries.

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