Sunday, September 12, 2010

St.John's BBQ for Rally Sunday Sept

A church family
Today was a very special time at church with the commissioning of the Sunday School Teachers and their pupils, Holy Communion and then a BBQ out in the church parking lot.

The church was quite packed as it was a joint German and English service.

It was great to see everybody back after holidays and summer vacations.

Got home about 1:30 but it started at 10 a.m. so it was quite a few hours.

Very enjoyable.  Took some shots of a family I know and sent them the pictures.


Kate's Blog said...

I loved this picture. I can't beleive how grown up my own children look. It was nice seeing you again at church!! See you at the ELW meeting!! Kathy Fruck

annaken said...

Thank you Kathy, yes, I thought the picture turned out quite well.