Saturday, September 4, 2010

A near fall

Well, I am one fortunate person that I had my cane with me.  I didn't see a step at Ferguson Station and started to fall but my cane saved me.  I have hurt my hip a little bit but nothing serious at all.  If I had fallen, it would have meant broken bones most likely.

In any event, everything is fine and I sat at the Mustardfest until I felt a little better and on my way out, I saw Irene and her Mom and sat with them at the Black Forest Inn outdoor cafe.  That was pleasant.

The weather looked threatening and I needed to go to the Farmer's Market to get some fruit.  It was fortunate that I made it to the mall before the rain really started to come down.

Happily, on the way home, I had my jacket with the hood on and everything was fine.  I think I will rest for the rest of the evening.  I have finished making all my orders for the jewellery business and there is great t.v. on tonight on WNED so will enjoy that.

All in all, an interesting day.

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