Friday, September 17, 2010

Latest events

Yesterday afternoon was the Memorial Service for a friend.  It was a beautiful service and the church was packed.  The minister did a wonderful job and Don's stepchildren spoke and shared their memories of him.  I was really touched by all the good things that they said.

Don was known for his kindness which is a wonderful thing to be remembered for, don't you think?

I did not go down to the reception afterwards as I had to leave shortly for another event.

Poetry Center's first meeting of the year was last night and one of the poets picked me up which I really appreciated.  He is very kind to do that and goes out of his way to do so.

As usual, it was a good session and lots of fun.  We get serious work done but with lots of humour which I really like.

There were fifteen people there which is good for a new season.  Many of the same faces but some new ones.

It is a mix of young people and older folk and it is good to have new voices to listen to.

All in all, a busy day for me.  Unfortunately again I did not sleep.

I wish I could solve this problem of sleep!

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